Heat casualties are a critical problem for body armor users. The “IcePlate” is a SAPI plate-shaped reusable water bottle that when frozen provides 140+ watts of cooling using the 100 ounces of water already carried by war fighters to maximize hydration efficiency beyond simple consumption. The IcePlate helps body armor users stay safer, lighter, more hydrated, with cooler core body temperatures while wearing their protective armor.

The military has been trying to solve the problem of cooling soldiers efficiently for several decades. Because of the insulating properties of protective body armor, those who wear it are at increased risk of dehydration, heat stroke, and performance loss, as their bodies cannot offload the heat trapped by the armor.

Typical cooling mechanisms require power or add significant weight to operator kit, making them ineffective and impractical. Thus the US military spends hundreds of millions of dollars in hydration bladders and bottled water to replenish and rehydrate operators in the field after they have already begun to experience dehydration.

However, coupled with the extreme temperatures of modern conflict areas, rehydration is insufficient. Operators working at even moderate levels produce 2L/hour of sweat as their bodies work to keep core temperature from elevating1, while exercise research has shown water intake rates of greater than 0.5L/hour are unsustainable.2 As dehydration of even 2% of body weight substantially reduces performance, operators are required to reduce their work output to compensate.

Quartermaster guidelines show that moving from hot to temperate conditions lowers recommended soldier water requirements by up to 50%. Thus cooling, if effectively and efficiently applied, can significantly reduce water requirements and better balance soldier sweat versus water intake rate, substantially improving hydration and, in turn, performance.

The IcePlate solves the issues of war fighter cooling, hydration, endurance and heat injury prevention while dramatically enhancing military-wide logistical efficiency through decreased water demand and improved volumetric storage.

IcePlate is made from ultra-durable, food grade, FDA-approved High Density Polyethylene (HDPE); it can be refilled and reused if need be, but it is cheap enough to be expendable. It contains no moving parts or batteries, and is without sanitary risk associated with Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit produced water.


  • 140+ watts of cooling when frozen (front and back IcePlates)
  • 50+ ounce capacity per IcePlate
  • 12 oz. empty bottle weight
  • 30%+ volumetric efficiency gain over bottled water
  • Optimized for Pelican Coolers
  • Fits any body armor configuration/rig
  • Can be worn with or without armor using top and side strap loops (optional)
  • Asymmetric low point drain ensures total consumption
  • Screw top for easy refill and addition of electrolyte tablets
  • Near zero back face deformation when worn behind soft body armor (Results from preliminary testing seen here.)
  • Available in White/Clear, Wolf Grey and Desert Tan (OD Green coming this summer)
  • Recessed fill port minimizes injury risk to neck/throat area in blast events
  • Recyclable
  •  Made in USA

IcePlate can be worn between a Combat Shirt (or any base layer shirt) and a plate carrier. It is designed to be secured to body armor using any number of field-expedient, improved lashing options: folded over 100mph tape, 550 cord, shoelaces, zip ties or the included Velcro straps. Drawing on the existing practice of war fighters freezing bottled water before going out on patrol,


IcePlate is worn and stored in a frozen state. Once deployed, body heat melts the ice; cooling the user and creating cool, clean drinking water simultaneously. The IcePlate fits with all types of armor (soft and hard) without modification for most missions. For missions where additional security is required, strap loops are built into the IcePlate. These strap loops allow IcePlate to be worn in a variety of configurations, with and without armor.

The tremendous cooling power of the IcePlate has the potential to dramatically reduce the amount of water required by war fighters in the field. When comparing US Military bottled water consumption in hot versus temperate climates, water consumption drops by 50%.  IcePlate simulates this effect by creating a temperate micro-climate for the operator when wearing IcePlate during in high temperature environments.

Thermal image of Iceplate filled with Hot water

Despite this tremendous capability, the functionality of IcePlate is not limited to hot climates. Filling it with hot water provides heating and insulating capability in cold temperatures. Maintaining war fighter hydration in colder climates is challenging because drinking cold water can cause operators to feel colder. The root cause of this problem is that water on a war fighter  is not carried against the body to keep it warm. Exposed to the elements, the water gets cold, discouraging consumption by the war fighter for fear of feeling colder.

Thermal image of Iceplate under armor after a few hours outside in 34F weather

When filled with hot water, IcePlate leverages basic thermodynamics to the war fighters advantage. As heat flows from warm to cold, The IcePlate filled with warm water helps regulate core body temperature using the same thermodynamic conduction principles of warm to cold transfer that it uses to remove body heat in hot climates. By conductively leveraging body heat, IcePlate also prevents the water from freezing in cold/arctic environments as recently proven by an AFSOC unit deployed to the Arctic Circle with IcePlates. This versatility makes it unmatched by any other hydration or temperature management product ever created.
Through its unparalleled capacity for thermal conduction, the IcePlate can severely reduce the threat of heat injuries and hypothermia, mitigating risk in harsh operational environments. The IcePlate is unrivaled in core temperature/hydration performance, weight, space, cost, durability and efficiency. It provides the greatest effects for the cost, and is seamlessly integrated into the warfighter’s kit while actually improving rig ergonomics. THE ICEPLATE IS READY TO SHIP NOW!

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by Justin Li and J.D. Willcox
Qore Performance, Inc.


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This article is courtesy of The Arms Guide.