Heat casualties are a critical problem for body armor users. The “IcePlate” is a SAPI plate-shaped reusable water bottle that when frozen provides 140+ watts of cooling using the 100 ounces of water already carried by war fighters to maximize hydration efficiency beyond simple consumption. The IcePlate helps body armor users stay safer, lighter, more hydrated, with cooler core body temperatures while wearing their protective armor.

The military has been trying to solve the problem of cooling soldiers efficiently for several decades. Because of the insulating properties of protective body armor, those who wear it are at increased risk of dehydration, heat stroke, and performance loss, as their bodies cannot offload the heat trapped by the armor.

Typical cooling mechanisms require power or add significant weight to operator kit, making them ineffective and impractical. Thus the US military spends hundreds of millions of dollars in hydration bladders and bottled water to replenish and rehydrate operators in the field after they have already begun to experience dehydration.

However, coupled with the extreme temperatures of modern conflict areas, rehydration is insufficient. Operators working at even moderate levels produce 2L/hour of sweat as their bodies work to keep core temperature from elevating1, while exercise research has shown water intake rates of greater than 0.5L/hour are unsustainable.2 As dehydration of even 2% of body weight substantially reduces performance, operators are required to reduce their work output to compensate.