A few students asked me what my go to deployment method is…gravity, wave feature, assisted openers, autos.. etc.. I like the hat technique.

Basically where I work and train civilians; handguns and the permits to carry them are impossible to obtain if you want to be able to protect yourself. Naturally this leaves very few options for most. I teach unconventional edged weapons work, meaning I teach people to use knives and improvised weapons in manners not very many people think about. Criminals do…..good guys don’t.

I usually teach my students to be aware of their surroundings through atmospheric study and exercises. I try and cultivate the way of thinking in them in every class or live drill. All of the material I teach with a blade is based on concealing your weapon before you use it. Our mantra is “the opponent must feel the blade before he sees it”.

One method of hiding a blade is by actually carrying it in an open position inside of a baseball cap as you walk along a place where the atmospherics are on the red side (dangerous area).