It’s exploding in both relevance and potential for meaningful work. STEM that is and anything digital and cyber. It’s all over the news. It’s more often than anyone realizes or notices. But, it’s both our biggest threat and greatest future asset. Our capability to conduct cyber warfare operations, for example, is in demand. Right now, CYBERCOM is a reserve command. However, there is a real fight to convert it into a combatant command ASAP. Unfortunately, that fight is in Congress – where things move at an all time slog.

There’s more – the work in the Cyber and IT field is expanding. There are going to be more jobs in the digital space than there are people to fill them. In fact, if you can and want to – double down on STEM for your G.I. Bill – if it’s up in the air. Because open job postings with STEM skills take longer to fill. So, if you think school is just school and you’re not partial to one career over another, it might be a safe and responsible decision to opt for STEM.

STEM means science, technology, engineering, and math – and it’s a huge national initiative going forward. There is an identifiable need for STEM professionals in this country. It might bring a veteran a sense of fulfillment knowing that. It’s only logical to assume all the jobs we hear discussed and the emerging sciences and technologies are going to need to be backfilled and maintained. I’m certain it won’t be the baby boomers that will do it.

The Army has categorized jobs into STEM. Unfortunately for guys like me, the future battlefield might not be a physical one – but digital. The US is already under serious threat of damaging cyber attacks. One could argue that we’re under attack and have been attacked. The internet isn’t magic and arrives via cables. In that sense is it ridiculous to say that we’ve experienced attacks within our digital sovereignty?

The only way to repel future attacks and eventually win the digital war is to get to work. But we need people who can do the job. Even I am trying to learn more about cyber because I know it’s important. Better than that is young recruits choosing a career in cyber where there’s job security. Cyber warfare and STEM will continue to be relevant topics for the years to come. Hopefully, unlike other necessary and pertinent issues, we won’t wait until it’s almost too late to do something about it. Viva la cyber.

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