A leaked screen shot of an ICE intranet announcement indicates that the Department of Homeland Security’s  Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE), has picked the Sig Sauer P320 as their new duty sidearm. Following the Army’s lead, ICE has chosen a modular handgun system to give their agents.

The Trump administration has announced a major expansion of ICE, so this could not come at a better time for ICE.

We won’t know for sure until we get a formal announcement.

Over the last few years  Sig Sauer has shaken up the market for law enforcement handguns.  Carried by Air Marshals, Secret Service, and Homeland Security they have a large footprint in federal service.  The newly announced Army contract has also given Sig and the 320 a boost.

Sources inside ICE confirmed the authenticity of the screen shot and say:

“The ICE live fire testing involved 10 guns, each firing 10,000 rounds in 250 round strings for a total of 100,000 rounds. 5 guns were tested with WML mounted and 5 without.

Early 320’s had some issues – which were addressed. Barrel hood wear was an issue on very early (first six months of production) Full Size models. It was addressed, as were the guns with high POI.

In addition to external changes to the trigger and take down lever, SIG strengthened the striker springs on all 320’s and changed the relief cuts on the Compacts to add mass to the slide”


Images courtesy of contributor “HCM” on pistol-forum.com

This article was originally published on The Arms Guide