Whenever we think of war stories, we always imagine all the horrible stuff— bombs, explosions, guns, wounded, dead bodies, and those were not wrong. However, it wasn’t all just bad things that could happen in the middle of the chaotic conflict. There were also compassion, empathy, respect, and all sort of things that you would not usually associate with war. Here are some heartwarming war stories:

Peaceful Christmas, One WWII Night

In the Western Front in Germany during the Battle of Bulge in Germany, Mrs. Vincken and her son were in their forested cabin, silently celebrating Christmas away from the icy cold weather of the countryside. They heard a knock on their door, and when the mom opened it, she saw a group of American soldiers outside, one of them was wounded. Disregarding the fear that she might actually get herself killed and executed once the Germans knew, she let them in her cabin. She didn’t know how to speak English, and the soldiers didn’t know German, but they were able to communicate in French. It wasn’t too long until she heard another loud and sharp knocking. She was able to confirm her fear that they were German soldiers when she opened the door. Afraid for her and her son’s life, she stepped out and told the Germans that she could serve them hot dinner, but they had to leave their guns in her shed as she had Christmas Eve guests, and they might not like them. The Germans obliged in respect. Mrs. Vincken then took and hid the US troops’ guns.

It was awkward once the Germans stepped inside until one of them, a former medical student, helped treat the wounded American soldier’s wound. They then added more ingredients to the stew, and all sat down for dinner. The mother read the bible and declared that there would be at least one night of peace between enemies in the ongoing war. When they were about to go their separate ways and back to their camps, the German soldiers gave the Americans a compass so they could find their right way. They never saw the soldiers ever again, although the son, Fritz Vincken, was reunited with two of the American soldiers. He said, “I remember mother and those seven young soldiers, who met as enemies and parted as friends, right in the middle of the Battle of the Bulge.”

Fritz’s reunion with one of the American soldiers. (ba-ez.org)

General Grant Stopped To Defend A Horse

General Ulysses Grant of the Union Army was a man of apparent contradictions. The then-future 18th President of the United States had a reputation as a drunkard (probably undeserved) who was known to hate meat with a taste of blood in it and for not accepting any terms of surrender apart from unconditional one.