First of all we need to define what the intended use is of the Personal Survival Kit. Typically this is going to be a kit of last resort when your life is in danger. That could be something as simple as getting lost or injured during a day hike that causes you to have to unexpectedly spend the night in the woods. The Personal Survival Kit can remain inside your pack until the need for it arises. Another option for the kit is to use it as a belt kit; similar to what the frontiersmen carried. The belt kit can be utilized as a minimalist hiking kit if you’re skilled enough.

Lets take a look at what I carry in my kit. I tend to be heavy on items for fire starting, so lets start with those components.



Fire starting

The reasoning behind these 3 items is that they are all simple and easy to use. Anybody can use a lighter or strike a match. The pine fatwood; well anybody can use a knife to carve off small pieces to ignite with the matches or lighter.

What should you include in your Personal Survival Kit?