Amid the rising inflation rates, house lawmakers are pushing for a 4.6% pay raise for service members for the 2023 defense authorization bill. This will be the most significant pay raise the military personnel will get in the past 20 years.

4.6% Pay Increase Proposal

Members of the House Appropriations Committee included the pay increase in its initial draft of the defense budget proposal for fiscal 2023, siding with the Biden administration’s proposal back in March.

In 2022, the average pay increase for federal employees will be 2.7%. The 2023 proposal almost doubled that figure and was a much more significant increase than the 1% pay increase in fiscal 2021. The White House Wrote,

These efforts will help agencies retain qualified employees, empower workers to make their agencies better, create a pipeline of qualified leaders, and provide better services to the public. The budget supports these objectives by ensuring that all those in federal jobs earn at least $15 per hour and providing a pay increase of 4.6% for civilian and military personnel.