The United States and India have been strengthening their defense ties in recent years, with the two countries signing several agreements that have the potential to increase their joint capabilities significantly. These deals send a clear message to China – that India and the US are ready to stand together against Chinese aggression in the region.

“The United States has become one of our most important defense partners,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said. “When defense and aerospace in India grow, industries in the states of Washington, Arizona, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Pennsylvania thrive.”

This month, India and the US signed an agreement for military logistics sharing, which allows both countries to access each other’s military facilities for refueling, repair, and other support services. This agreement is a significant step forward in enhancing cooperation between the two countries and will enable them to better respond to any potential threats from China.

“The nature, the depth and breadth of our deliverables for this summit is unprecedented, and I think tomorrow the two leaders will be underscoring all the areas in which the US and India are advancing on common fronts,” a senior administration official said.

In addition, India has been making progress toward becoming a major worldwide defense exporter. The Indian Defense Ministry recently approved its Future Ready Combat Vehicles program, which is aimed at increasing India’s self-reliance in defense production. This could potentially reduce India’s reliance on foreign suppliers such as Russia and allow it to become more independent in terms of its defense capabilities.

“All issues in our bilateral relationship will be explored,” the official said. “President Biden intends to be direct, respectful and deeply engaged with India in a sincere way and as a close partner.”

India has also been looking into acquiring American stealth fighters, such as the F-35, from the United States. This would give India access to cutting-edge technology that could be used against China if necessary. Furthermore, US intelligence reports have helped defuse several border conflicts between India and China over the past few years, indicating that Washington is willing to provide support when needed.