The United States of America and the Republic of India represent two of Earth’s top ten militaries and economies. Washington and New Delhi have a geopolitical foe that threatens each other’s national security—the People’s Republic of China.

A growing cold war with the rising Chinese state has ensued over the past decade, with India historically battling the nation for the past sixty years. With the potential to mend relations and have an enhanced economic and military partnership, India and the US could benefit from each other’s security. Now is the time to recognize it.

Relations Between India and America

The beginnings of relations between the United States and India date back to the late days of the British Raj. During World War Two, President Franklin D Roosevelt voiced support for Indian independence, despite being allies with the United Kingdom and irritating Churchill at the suggestion. Through India, the US Air Force sent vital aid to Chinese resistance groups against the Japanese occupation and starving Indians during the Bengal Famine.