In a move that’s been a long time coming, India is getting serious about boosting its defense game.

They’re eyeing the development of three aircraft that play in the signals intelligence and communications jamming league.

This has been on their radar for over a decade, showing they’re dead set on beefing up their own tech muscle in the defense game.

Green Light on the Horizon

Reports from Asian News International (ANI) hint that the green light for these aircraft might be just around the corner.

It’s a tag team effort between the Defense Research and Development Laboratory and the Indian Air Force, aiming to ride the indigenous tech wave and cook up these planes based on the Airbus A319 platform.

“The proposal for getting three new spy planes also known as signal intelligence and communications jamming system aircraft is at an advanced stage and is expected to get clearance in next week,” ANI reported.

Past Attempts: Lessons Learned

This isn’t their first rodeo, though.

In the past, India tried to cozy up to global manufacturers like Embraer and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), hoping to get these planes off the ground.