Urging the Pentagon to Ramp up Strength in the Region Now Before It’s Too Late

The Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM) recently a whopping $15 plus billion, seeking to amplify its capabilities in the region before tensions become too heated and spiral out of control. This is the largest-ever defense funding for the region made thus far in American history.

In the midst of ongoing tensions between the United States and China, INDOPACOM aims to beef up its defense and deterrence capabilities to protect Guam, acquire more sophisticated weaponry, and build bases or installations in Australia, Oceania, and the Mariana Islands before 2027.

The deadline corresponds with the targeted date for Chinese Communist Party (CCP) military modernization and a potential invasion of Taiwan, which likewise coincides with the centenary foundation anniversary of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

The security environment in the Indo-Pacific is becoming more dangerous and defined by an increasing risk of confrontation and crisis,” INDOPACOM wrote in its priority assessment obtained by Foreign Policy. It also warned about China’s rapid progress on their “whole-of-government assault against the rules-based international order and the strategic competition with the US now encompasses all domains to include efforts to coerce our strongest allies in an attempt to dominate the region.”

Therefore, urging Washington to pour more resources “to present a persistent, lethal, and integrated Joint Force west of the [international date line]” and to demonstrate the high stakes to China and other US adversaries.