The European Commission just threw down €49 million ($53 million) on a wild idea called the Land Tactical Collaborative Combat (LATACC) project.

They’re aiming to step up Europe’s defense game, bringing together a bunch of countries, companies, and brainiacs to make land combat systems talk to each other.

Thales is leading this circus, with 34 other players from 13 European nations in tow. They are trying to sync up the whole shebang—from boots on the ground to satellites in the sky.

The Mission: Enhancing Decision-Making in Combat

The big talk is about speeding up decisions in the heat of battle.

They want to be the cool cats who can quickly call the shots when things get dicey.

It’s all about being the top dogs on the battlefield, whether you’re in a tank, on foot, or flying something unmanned.

Thales, the ringleader, says LATACC is not just about tweaking what’s already out there; they’re pushing for new tech to join the party and play nice in a European sandbox.