A reporter tours a Daesh school seized by Syrian Defense Forces (SDF) and Kurdish  People’s Protection Units (YPG/YPJ) in Syria. The report focuses on the punishment rules of living under Daesh, but the video displays more insights – included within the arts and crafts area for children. The reporter passes through a room where children are instructed to create, wired adult-human-sized silhouettes that act as false positives aerial infrared scans. Further insights display the multinational influence on Daesh including a large use of the Russian and English language, as well as support for the Real Madrid Soccer Club.

As militants of the so-called Islamic State are pushed back from areas they control in northern Syria, evidence of their rule is being found in their wake. The BBC’s Jiyar Gol traveled with Kurdish fighters advancing against Daesh [IS] in the Manbj region of northern Syria – and got exclusive access to an abandoned Daesh [IS] school.


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