Cloaked in mystery and veiled by the shroud of classified operations, the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment–Delta (Delta Force) represents the pinnacle of America’s defense capabilities. With a mission to protect the nation and its citizens from imminent threats, this elite unit operates in the shadows, making the world safer, one covert mission at a time.

Imagine a blend of stealth, precision, and raw courage – that’s what it takes to be a part of Delta Force. Their tales, often untold, are riddled with acts of bravery and daring exploits, which are the stuff of legend. 

Geo fires a pistol
Speaking of legends, SOFREP’s very own George Hand IV is shown here as a Delta Force soldier putting rounds downrange with his trusty 1911.

These operatives navigate a world where danger lurks around every corner, and the line between life and death is razor-thin.

Delta Force’s operations span the globe, and their presence is felt yet unseen. From rescuing hostages in hostile territories to dismantling terrorist networks, their skills are unparalleled, and their commitment is unyielding. But what really goes on inside Delta Force?