Below, Brandon Webb former Navy SEAL turned Media CEO was interviewed by Laura Steward.- Desiree Huitt, Managing Editor

Brandon Webb – Harry Potter is a sniper?

Bet you didn’t realize Harry Potter is a sniper. If you read my guest’s latest book with John David Mann, “The Killing School: Inside The World’s Deadliest Sniper Program,” you will understand why Harry Potter and James Bond are really snipers.

Hint, listen to this episode of my show and I answer the question for you. You still should read the book though!

How does a Navy SEAL Sniper do what they do? What kind of training has to happen so that in one moment they can have total focus yet have total situational awareness?

Brandon Webb is a former Navy SEAL Sniper from SEAL Team 3. He also was tasked with revamping the Sniper School training program for the Navy SEALs. His shift in perspective as to how and what needed to be taught changed the program so completely it is considered one of the best in the world. Glad they are on our side. Part of that revamp was figuring out how to train observation and total focus into the training. You think it is hard to focus when you are at your desk? Picture doing it while bullets are flying all around, people are dying or you are hundreds of yards from a suspected terrorist trying not to be found as you gather intelligence to prevent a terrorist attack. Now he runs a company he founded that has been valued at $100,000,000.

Listen as he shares some “Sniper Zen,” how he bounced back from failure and why one small shift in thinking changed sniper training forever.

Brandon Webb is a former US Navy SEAL sniper, New York Times bestselling author, experimental aircraft pilot, and entrepreneur. He’s the founder of the Hurricane Groupa U.S. based media and e-commerce company focusing on outdoor, military entertainment, news, and clubs.

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