Investigations in Kherson, a recently liberated Ukrainian city, have revealed at least 20 torture centers with financial ties to Russia’s federal government, as stated by a group of international lawyers assisting Ukraine with probing alleged Russian war crimes.

A year after Russian troops seized the Ukrainian city of Kherson, new evidence has been presented. In November, Ukrainian forces regained control of the southeastern city, with a population of more than 280,000 people.

Wayne Jordash, the managing partner of Global Rights Compliance, informed CNBC that after working closely with Ukraine’s Office of the Prosecutor General, evidence of a financial connection between the main torture chambers in Kherson and the Russian state had been uncovered.

“Working closely with Ukraine’s Office of the Prosecutor General, a paper trail has been exposed that shows that the main torture chambers in Kherson and those administering them do so through the financial support of the Russian state.”

Jordash revealed that a group of attorneys, specialists, and detectives found that the torture centers were supervised by a few of Russia’s Federal Security Services, such as the FSB, the successor to the KGB.

Millions of rubles from Russian President Vladimir Putin and his administration have been used to finance the Kherson torture centers, which were built with the single purpose of murdering those who posed a danger to the Kremlin’s schemes to eradicate Ukrainian identity and culture, stated Jordash, the head of a Mobile Justice Team, a coalition of global attorneys and examiners that are assisting Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s office. The Atrocity Crimes Advisory Group, supported by the US State Department, the European Union, and the UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office, houses the Mobile Justice Team as one of its components.

Prior to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the United States Department of State had a compact group of individuals on the ground in the country, supplying operational aid to the state prosecutor.