World War II wasn’t just about epic battles and influential leaders making big decisions. There are heaps of wild, weird, and downright incredible stories hidden in the nooks and crannies of this gigantic war that have probably slipped under your radar.

We’re talking about double agents pulling off serious spy movie stuff, badass women pilots scaring the pants off enemy soldiers, Hitler’s nephew fighting on the side of the U.S., and even floating ice cream parlors for soldiers in the Pacific. 

Sounds wild, right? But that’s just scratching the surface.

This article is about digging into those stories you probably didn’t learn in school. The quirky, brave, and “I can’t believe that actually happened” stuff. It’s all about the people and events that might not have grabbed the headlines, but they made World War II even more fascinating.

Lesser Known Facts About World War II

Sure, you know about D-Day, Hitler, and Pearl Harbor, but what about the offbeat, wild, and seriously incredible stories tucked away in the war’s history? Here are some of them.

The Enigmatic Double Agent 

Juan Pujol Garcia, known by his code name “Agent Garbo,” was a self-made spy who started his career without formal training or government agency backing. 

After failing to attract the attention of the British, he approached the Germans in Madrid, convincing them he was a pro-Nazi Spanish government official who could travel freely between London and King’s Cross.