Iran is on a bad start this year as protests start to build momentum even during the holiday season. On top of the government clashes with protesters, there was an explosion in Semnan Province.

In an interview with the local publication ISNA, Morteza Moradipour told the reporters that he contacted the emergency agency in Iran because of an explosion at an iron smelting furnace. The accident happened in the industrial town of Garmsar, and the Red Crescent rescuers were sent to the location after the report was filed.

According to the rescuers, they are still investigating the cause of the explosion and would not want to link any protest-related cause to the accident for now. Because of this, one person was killed, while five others were sent to the hospital for treatment and monitoring.

Meanwhile, the clash with protesters continues.

Multiple “umbrella organizations” have now come together to organize protest efforts in Iran and to fight the silencing of social media efforts to expose police brutality in the region. These organizations include the Neighborhood Youth Union (NYU) and the Iranian Neighborhood United Front (INUF). According to ISW, these groups claim that some are affiliated with umbrella organizations while others are not. This has caused a divide in their entire cause.