Earlier this month, Iran unveiled a new main battle tank, the Tiam, that appears to be a mashup of Chinese and US tanks from the 1960s, The Diplomat reports.

The tank appears to have the main hull and engine of the US’ M47M Patton, a variation of the M47 Patton made in the early 1960s, and the turret of China’s type 59/69 tank, first produced in 1958.

The Tiam sports a 105mm rifled main cannon, slightly underpowered when compared to the 120mm cannons found on USand German tanks, or the 125mm cannons found on newer Russian tanks.

When the tank was unveiled in a public ceremony on April 13, it came out partially covered in explosive reactive armor bricks, and spewing thick black smokefrom it’s engine, which was designed more than half a century ago.

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Image courtesy of IRNA