Fighter Sweep showed you recently video of an ISIS drone dropping an explosive device on Iraqi troops. Reports are that the Iraqis want to obtain an anti-drone gun called the DroneDefender. Manufacturer of the DroneDefender is a US based company named Battelle and they have currently supplied the US Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland security with about 100 of these devices.

⇒  ISIS Drone Drops ‘bomb’ on M1 Abrams Battle Tank

Watch the DroneDefender in Action Bringing Down a Live Drone

Iraqi TV correspondent Abdul Hameen Zebari was wounded by an armed drone while travelling with Iraqi forces in Mosul. “It was a loud blast,” he said. “I fell down on my side. I knew what it was from because seconds earlier the soldiers started shouting drone, drone, drone.”

Federal police commander General Ali al Lami said his troops are constantly on the lookout. “A car bomb can destroy a unit,” he said. “A truck bomb can destroy a brigade.” Asked if he would like to have them, al Lami replied, “We wish, of course.” – CBS News

Battelle says there ‘drone gun’ is a directed-energy system that will quickly disrupt the ability of the drone pilot to control the vehicle. It also neutralizes the drone so that no remote action can take place including detonation of an explosive.

Apparently, US forces are already using this device or something similar in their fight against ISIS terrorists to neutralize possible drone attacks. Who wants one?