As Russia slogs in the mud of Ukraine, Taiwan looks closely at Ukraine for inspiration, with China observing very closely how the world is reacting to Russia’s invasion. Similar to Ukraine, Taiwan is under threat by a much larger power that claims ownership of its territory. While China is unashamed in backing Russia and Putin, The island nation of Taiwan says it is in solidarity with Ukraine since the invasion started.

“Despite great adversity, the government and people of Ukraine have been fighting with tremendous courage and determination,” said Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu. “Let me say this from the bottom of my heart: You have been an inspiration to the Taiwanese people in facing threats and coercion from authoritarian power.”

Taiwanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu at Office of President, 2020 (Wikimedia Commons). Source:,_Taipei_20200401.jpg
Taiwanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu at Office of President, 2020 (總統府CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Taiwan is being claimed by China as part of its own sovereign territory and has been more adamant in asserting this claim in recent months. The rift began when the Republic of China (Taiwan) fled the Chinese mainland in 1949 after fighting a civil war with the Chinese Communist Party, now China’s ruling faction. Since then, Taiwan has established its own democratic society on its island.

Wu shared in his statement that a lot of Taiwanese people sympathize with the people of Ukraine. “Many Taiwanese people will say as I do now: I’m Ukrainian,” Wu said. “Taiwan Stands with Ukraine.”

He also announced that Taiwan had raised over T$300 million or US$10.6 million in donations to Ukraine refugees in Poland. Along with this, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen also expressed her country’s support through a tweet.