Rome is apparently preparing for the sixth delivery of weapons to Ukraine since Russia invaded the country in February.

An Italian newspaper has reported that Rome intends to provide air defense gear to Ukraine, including the SAMP/T system, despite reservations about education and resources. MBDA conducted a test firing of the SAMP/T air defense system in 2015.

Furthermore, Stinger surface-to-air missiles, mortars, and Milan or Panzerfaust anti-tank weapons were reportedly included in previous shipments, as well as Browning heavy machine guns, MG-type light machine guns, and devices for countering improvised explosive devices. Multiple-launch rocket systems, PzH 2000 howitzers, and vehicles are among the items reportedly sent by Italy over the course of the year.

Kyiv has asked for more air defense systems after it emerged that Russia was using Iranian-made drones to destroy key infrastructure in Ukrainian cities. In an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera last month, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he had specifically requested air defense equipment manufactured in Italy.