SOFREP has been covering the activities in the Air Force over the past few months, and with the striking events surrounding F-35s, it seems that the US Air Force and other military branches have started looking for an alternative to this powerhouse—the F-15 EX Eagle II.

Earlier this year, the US Air Force’s newest/old fighter jet, the F-15EX, had undergone a series of test flights. It fired its first missile in February during an air-to-air weapons system evaluation program. The 40th Flight Test Squadron aircrew fired the missiles while pursuing a BQM-167 aerial target drone.

“During the flight, the F-15EX detected the drone using onboard sensors, acquired a weapons-quality track, and launched the missile at the target. After tracking the missile’s release and flight toward the BQM-167, the shot was determined a WSEP success, at which point the missile flight was terminated,” according to the release.

The success was “an end-to-end verification of the entire weapons system, which will pave the way for more complex missile shots in the future,” said Colton Myers, F-15EX test project manager.