Last week, Ukrainian military personnel announced that a drone strike had been employed to demolish an unmanned lookout tower in Russia’s Bryansk region, a rarity of an openly admitted cross-border attack that demonstrates Kyiv’s readiness to target Russian soil directly.

The Kraken group, which directly reports to Ukrainian military intelligence, posted a video to their Telegram channel on Monday that they claim documents the attack.

The strike’s timing was uncertain, yet the recording surfaced shortly after a short-lived armed intrusion into a Russian village in Bryansk. This was reportedly accomplished by a faction that declared its allegiance to Ukraine, making it a unique and documented raid on Russia. As a result, the Kremlin labeled this a “terrorist” attack.

A contingent of the Russian Volunteer Corps, a dissident faction that stands against President Vladimir Putin, announced that they had managed to take control of the small village of Lyubichane, which is close to the Ukrainian border. However, reports about the incident varied, and the Russian government declared that the group had been forced out of the country by the end of the day.

Bryansk attack

The border between Russia and Ukraine has a length of over 1,200 miles and encloses the eastern Donbas region, parts of which are controlled by Moscow. To conduct assaults and bombardments, Russia has taken advantage of regions adjacent to Ukraine, such as Bryansk in the north. 

Kyiv’s government has asserted its authority to retaliate against Russian targets that they allege are being used to bombard Ukrainian locations; however, they have guaranteed not to use weapons from their Western allies for such attacks since these allies are apprehensive that Moscow may take it as an affront.