LONDON — The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the string of terrorist attacks at London Bridge and Borough Market Saturday evening.

According to a statement posted to its “Amaq” propaganda outlet, ISIS said a “detachment” of its fighters had carried out the attacks which left seven dead and dozens injured. Authorities have not yet released the names of the three attackers, all of whom were fatally shot.

Police conducted multiple raids in East Ham Sunday morning as part of their ongoing investigation into the attacks, and 12 people were arrested. One of those raids was on a block of flats in Barking, London.

The East London neighborhood is home to many Muslims and it is common to see women wearing the burka there.

Sky News reported that the Barking Road raid was on the home of one of the attackers — implying that police already know the identity of at least one of the three terrorists. [The names of the attackers will be published in this post as soon as they become available.]


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Featured image courtesy of BBC