ISIS supporters have organized an online army of trolls in yet another effort to assert their online presence and spread their propaganda across Facebook and Twitter.

To mobilize, they’ve created a channel on the messaging app Telegram called the “Online Dawah Operation,” which has grown popular among their fellow ISIS adherents since it launched several weeks ago, Vocativ has learned. Not only does the Telegram group offer insight about ISIS’ trolling tactics, but it also serves as a clear example of how the extremists use their online network of supporters to disperse and promote their message.

The group advertises trolling methods that are simple: It urges supporters of the Islamic State to post propaganda, and like and comment on posts, when they’re instructed to do so. “I will share a Facebook post here at 5PM Mosul time today,” the Telegram channel says. “On this post that I’ll share here, we need everyone to go on and comment supporting the Islamic State. Also, whatever comments you see supporting the Islamic state, like them.”

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Image courtesy of Reuters