ISOF is the greatest force in the Middle East and it’s because of U.S. Special Forces, unconventional warfare and Foreign Internal Defense (FID). FID isn’t sexy – you aren’t going to somersault towards a target, jump to your feet and kick in a door Chuck Norris style. But you might make a lasting difference for a nation’s security.

We can’t beat the Islamic State without the Iraqi Forces. They represent our most controversial decision, but also our greatest achievement in the ISOF and other Iraqi elements. These men are not sectarian and closer to what you would expect of an American soldier. They’re warriors and compared to their peers, professionals.

They’re doing an incredible job on the road to Mosul. They remain a testament to FID, a hallmark capability of Special Forces. I’m ecstatic to report that these guys are crushing it. They’re protecting and securing their country. This was a joint effort of  5th Group and 3rd Group Assault units. During the time when Iraq was shut down – other ODAs from 5th Group filled the void and kept our presence and relationship alive with the ISOF.

They’re precious to our units and they’re an example of the professionalism and work of SF, not SOF, but SF. Special Operations Forces are incredibly capable. If we’re talking about war in the modern age, SOF are in the fight. Akin to nights of the middle ages these forces ultimately get the job done. There’s no shock and awe but a gradual and assured degradation of the enemy. Simultaneously, a cultural reinforcement of rapport with partner forces in the region.