The ISOF has been such a success that it ought to be widely known and a source of national pride. It’s time to feel good about our work.

ISOF is doing the heavy lifting of U.S. Foreign Policy in Iraq. We’ve sent a great many service members over, but they aren’t in the fight. The advanced forces, SOF, sit afar and help direct traffic and orchestrate CAS from Observation Points. When the Lions of Mesopotamia attack the center of Mosul, it’ll be the ISOF.

Although ISOF is the most used force in Iraq, and probably the Middle East. They’ve still been abandoned and our presence and help has never been the same since the more formal war ended. It’s sad – because they were in part dependent on us and they know it. We know it, too, but it doesn’t matter to politicians who either don’t consider or cannot comprehend ground realities of war.

For this, and many other reasons, Congressman should enlist veteran panels of those who have been there – from their district – to mull over their talking points. I listened to many primary debates and many regurgitated party talking points on Foreign Policy. They didn’t sound confident – and it didn’t sound like they knew what they were talking about, either.