The Israeli Defense Forces’ Special Forces units are getting a huge upgrade. It was recently announced that Israel would be purchasing new “Negeva” combat vehicles worth 100 million new shekels ($28 million) for their Special Forces.

Israeli Deputy Director-General and the Directorate Head of Production and Procurement (DOPP) Avi Dadon signed the order for “hundreds of vehicles,” revealing that the new combat vehicles for the IDF SOF will be the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) ‘s Negeva vehicles. The contract for the purchase was signed during a ceremony at the IAI Land Division production line in Be’er Sheva. Commonly referred to as the Z-MAG and the ZD, manufacturing will be done in cooperation with Ido Cohen and The Armored Group.

In 2020, the Israel Aerospace Industries (AIA) acquired the rights to the design of Ido Cohen’s Zibar, Z-MAG, and ZD vehicles from Ido Cohen so that they could be upgraded for military and homeland defense applications. Under this specific deal, IAI gained the design rights to the off-road vehicles and will be able to market and sell them to defense entities in Israel and abroad following their upgrades from IAI’s ELTA Systems. On the other hand, Ido Cohen will remain as a manufacturer and can sell its vehicles for civilian applications.

The Armored Group (TAG), a well-known armored vehicle manufacturer based in the United States, will also be joining the manufacturing team, providing some of the components for the vehicles.