Love it or hate it the aftermarket world for the Glock series of handguns is exploding. One particular side of this market that is taking off are custom slide shops. They’ve come about for a variety of reasons. Stock Glocks are very capable firearms but leave something to desired with general ergonomics / features. Large and small custom shops are popping up around the country and out of these we have a couple of top dog competitors. One of these companies is JagerWerks. What makes JagerWerks different? Many things, particularly their wait times, engineering and cost.

I had the unique opportunity to talk with the folks over at JagerWerks about their company, philosophy, how they started and some of their excellent products. JagerWerks in particular specializes in machining Glocks to produce desirable features such as front slide serrations (allows grip during certain weapon manipulations, lightens slide), carbon kap (a carbon made cap which fits where they mill the slide for an RMR, it returns the weapon to stock functionality but due to the nature of the material used is extremely light and durable in nature) and milling slides precisely for optics.

How did JagerWerks get into the Glock modification business?”
JagerWerks: My now head of marketing (Steven Hunt) came into the shop with a mutual friend with the intent of drilling some holes and doing some Bridgeport machining on his slide. Instead, after several hours of CAD work, I put it in the CNC machine and cut our first Glock 19 with a breacher and RMR. Having had some experience with carbon fiber I made a kap to fill the RMR pocket. Loving the look of the carbon we decided I needed to make matching spring retainers as well. We started an Instagram page for the business and through natural growth and free marketing the rest is history.
JagerWerks and their custom Glock
One of the Many modifications that can be done by JagerWerks
What do you offer over other custom shops?”
JagerWerks: We offer a high quality, hand finished products using materials not widely used by others (ie. carbon fiber). Furthermore we have a quick turn around, we are honest with the customers and have great customer service available almost 24/7.
How do you keep costs so low?”
JagerWerks: JagerWerks is a three-man show in the back of a small shop in a smaller township which helps to keep the overhead costs low. Furthermore having a high quality product in a reasonable price range helps to keep the orders flowing in.
If someone were to get work done by JagerWerks, what options would you recommend?”
JagerWerks: Personally I’m a huge fan of the Breacher cut, top front and radius serrations, enhanced rears, Trijicon RM06 optic package topped off in burnt bronze or sniper gray cerakote. Aside from that our customers have an abundance of options suitable to there desire on our site.
JagerWerks and their custom Glock
Wolverine slide modification done by JagerWerks
What is the future for Glock modifications in 2017?”
JagerWerks: JagerWerks is always researching new designs and innovative ways to keep customers coming back for more. This year we have already rolled out two new designs with the anticipation of more to come. We are currently developing carbon kaps for some of the other popular optics, as well as offering more brands of optic packages. At JagerWerks there is a lot of engineering going on in the back ground to make the best firearm components in the industry.
We here at The Loadout Room would like to thank JagerWerks for taking the time to talk with us and for providing some very high quality photos. Make sure to check out JagerWerks.
This article previously published on The Loadout Room.