Since 2014, the Norwegian Armed Forces have been training a special forces unit composed exclusively of women, which is called Jegertroppen. The name translates to “Hunter troop” and was initially created as a one-year pilot program and was later extended for another three years. The unit specializes in surveillance and reconnaissance in urban areas and is under the Norwegian Armed Forces Special Command (FSK).

The creation of the Jegertroppen was not arbitrary. Before its inception in 2014, there were no women in Norwegian special operations forces. Over the course of ten years, none had passed the selection process for the Fallskjermjeger (paratroopers), Spesialjeger (special hunters), or Marinejeger (marine hunters). Several made it to the admission process but were dropped during the selection phase. However, the need for female special forces remained.

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Image courtesy of Vegard Breie

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