After the verdict of Jesse Ventura’s lawsuit against the Kyle estate was read, we asked our members to share their opinions of Jesse Ventura and the trial with us. SOFREP’s members come from all walks of American life – actually, they from countries all over the world – and they are an opinionated bunch.

Today we present you with the unfiltered, unedited opinions of nearly 200 of our members. If you are a writer for a late-night talk show, we have tons of material and quotes for you (‘douche canoe’???). If you’re looking for a new drinking game, we suggest shots every time you read the word ‘douche’. And if you’re looking for people to stand up and defend the honor of a true American Hero in Chris Kyle, then you’ve come to the right place.

We invite you to sit back and enjoy the read.

VSH:   He was so worried about his name being slandered before, when Chris acknowledged it was him in that bar brawl???? Wonder what he is feeling now, this really shames him!!!!!

@VermontPT:   Win or not, douche still got knocked out for running his mouth and a lack of character

Sgt Pepper:   How ironic that Jesse sued the Chris Kyle estate due to the “damage to his reputation within the Veteran Community.” Now that he has prevailed and elevated himself to pariah status, what did he gain? With all the comparisons to being made to Jane Fonda, I can Jessie Ventura Urinal pads showing up in Legion and VFW posts soon. Then and only then will I be able to express my true appreciation and respect for him.

Chris:   This guy is a real piece of shit and a disgrace to every man and woman in uniform. This just shows us a shining example to what happens to people when they go into politics and cares more about themselves than anything else! Dude you got your ASS beat! Grow up, accept it for what it was, and go on with your life. Your a shameful excuse for a human being if you have to sue the widow of a veteran!!!

Darkknight:   Mr Ventura is a douche canoe!!!! He’s angry because Chris Kyle was honest. I had the honor of meeting him several times and he was the most humble person I know. Karma will get Jesse. God bless taya and the Kyle family.