After the verdict of Jesse Ventura’s lawsuit against the Kyle estate was read, we asked our members to share their opinions of Jesse Ventura and the trial with us. SOFREP’s members come from all walks of American life – actually, they from countries all over the world – and they are an opinionated bunch.

Today we present you with the unfiltered, unedited opinions of nearly 200 of our members. If you are a writer for a late-night talk show, we have tons of material and quotes for you (‘douche canoe’???). If you’re looking for a new drinking game, we suggest shots every time you read the word ‘douche’. And if you’re looking for people to stand up and defend the honor of a true American Hero in Chris Kyle, then you’ve come to the right place.

We invite you to sit back and enjoy the read.

VSH:   He was so worried about his name being slandered before, when Chris acknowledged it was him in that bar brawl???? Wonder what he is feeling now, this really shames him!!!!!

@VermontPT:   Win or not, douche still got knocked out for running his mouth and a lack of character

Sgt Pepper:   How ironic that Jesse sued the Chris Kyle estate due to the “damage to his reputation within the Veteran Community.” Now that he has prevailed and elevated himself to pariah status, what did he gain? With all the comparisons to being made to Jane Fonda, I can Jessie Ventura Urinal pads showing up in Legion and VFW posts soon. Then and only then will I be able to express my true appreciation and respect for him.

Chris:   This guy is a real piece of shit and a disgrace to every man and woman in uniform. This just shows us a shining example to what happens to people when they go into politics and cares more about themselves than anything else! Dude you got your ASS beat! Grow up, accept it for what it was, and go on with your life. Your a shameful excuse for a human being if you have to sue the widow of a veteran!!!

Darkknight:   Mr Ventura is a douche canoe!!!! He’s angry because Chris Kyle was honest. I had the honor of meeting him several times and he was the most humble person I know. Karma will get Jesse. God bless taya and the Kyle family.

Marcus:   He is a low life bottom feeder…end of story. He can’t even let the man’s family grieve in peace…

Pip:   So many others have said exactly what I feel. No matter what Ventura’s beef with Chris Kyle he never should have gone after Taya and the kids. He should have manned up and let it go after Chris’s death. That would have shown everyone the true Seal that he’s so desperately trying to convince everyone he is.

Bigbadbear:   The man should return all that money and then some and get on his knees and beg for forgiveness…if he truly believes in truth and justice. If not, he should blindfold himself and low bound thru traffic.

SEAL mom:   Jesse ventura needs his assistant kicked again. Since Chris can’t do it, I’m sure there are a lot of Navy SEALs who would gladly step in.

Muskrat:   This decision is a travesty! Suing the estate of Chris is beyond reprehensible. Jesse is a vulture, feeding off of Chris Kyle’s family. He is the lowest form of life and deserves what karma will deliver upon his sorry ass!

DC5446:   I just find it ironic that Ventura effectively destroyed what was left of his reputation by filling through with the lawsuit.

JAW:   suing a dead guy’s family because he knocked you out. #stayclassy

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Bryndler:   This ex-frogman is now an active a**hole. He sure did pick an illogical means of rescuing his reputation; robbing the estate of a SEAL hero. If he thought his reputation was damaged before… How bout a fundraiser to recoup the $1.8m for the Kyle family?

11B04:   I for one am not a member of the SEAL community myself, but one of my family members is. This is a slap in the face to anyone in the SEAL community, or anyone in the military for that matter. If this was truly about getting his name cleared, Jesse would have let the money go on principle. I can only believe that this will permanently separate Jesse from the SEAL Community, to me no monetary value is worth that. Like I said I am not a SEAL, but the military I know (as a whole) instills integrity and brotherhood; none of which the former politician has apparently. I sincerely hope that action is taken to correct this malfunctioning piece of the SEAL community (if i could even call him that). My prayers go out to the Kyle family.

Jpep:   I was genuinely surprised and upset by the verdict. I had been following this case in the news as I had been a fan of Chris’s after I read his book. I was horrified that Ventura was still pursuing the case after Chris’s traffic death. A completely classless thing to do. Why Ventura thinks he will win his reputation back is beyond me. He’s worse off now than before. A total scum bag. He should have left Taya and her family alone. She is an amazing woman of strength and dignity. I saw her speak during Marcus Luttrell’s Patriot Tour and was very impressed by her.

emtac90:   This guy can’t think he is safe anywhere on earth. There are a few things that are off-limits in this community: suing a widow for the money that her late husband is able to give her from the grave to keep her comfortable is just about the top of that list. This guy thinks the defamation that occurred in the book caused him to lose revenue from bookings? Did he never watch the finished product of Conspiracy Theory episodes before they ran? I can’t decide if he is vindictive, fucky in the head, or just a butthurt little kid trying to stay relevant. I don’t really care, either. I would encourage him to play in traffic. I’d trade him to ISIS. I’d swap him for Sgt Tamorheesi 8 days a week. Rot in it, blue falcon.

Conquest:   That lawsuit arguably damaged his reputation way more than a short paragraph in a book. Is he now going to sue himself?

surfb4work:   Ventura is a thin skinned piece of human garbage. Let’s put aside for the moment the merits or lack thereof of his dispute with Kyle. Oh heck, let’s even assume for the moment (although I side with Kyle’s version of the events in question) that Ventura is telling the truth and that Kyle either made up or exaggerated the story. Who f–ing cares? Very few people outside of the SOF Community ever would have even known who Kyle was referring to were it not for Ventura’s lawsuit. I am a civilian and I certainly wouldn’t have known. My issue is that Mrs. Kyle and the Kyles’ child had to make the great sacrifice for our Great Nation of having spouse/dad go on numerous deployments (many involving combat). Then, a husband and father was brutally murdered while trying to help a fellow vet. If Ventura had any integrity or class, that would have been the end of the matter…..he could have said something like: “I stand by my position that the event never happened, but out of respect for a fellow warrior and his loving family who have also made great sacrifices for our Country I am going to stand down and drop the case.” That so clearly would have been the “right thing” to do that I again repeat, the guy is a piece of human garbage. Just sayin’. God Bless you Kyle family………

Burnside:   If he thought suing the wife of a fallen American hero and winning would make everyone change their minds about him being a total douche bag, then he was wrong. What a douche.

Pirahna:   “9/11 was an inside job”, “you deserve to lose a few”, “I’d like to come back as a size 38 bra”… these are just a few quotes from this clown. He is a despicable piece of shit… I hope he spends the 4th of July in Texas one day. How does a jury of our peers do this? [email protected]&$ing scary!

JD_C:   Chris Kyle didn’t defame Jesse Ventura in “American Sniper”, but Ventura defamed himself by suing Chris Kyles’ widow Taya Kyle. If Jesse Ventura had not sued I would have never known he was ‘scruff face’. I didn’t buy “American Sniper” for a brief story about ‘scruff face’, I bought it for Chris Kyle and I doubt “American Sniper” sold 1.3 million dollars worth of books due to the brief ‘scruff face’ story. When Ventura removed Chris Kyles name from the lawsuit and inserted Taya Kyle, a grieving widow trying to cope with the murder and absence of the father of her children, is when I decided to never support any project Jesse Ventura is involved in. Further, Chris Kyle donated much of his profits from “American Sniper’ to “the families of the people he couldn’t save”, so his family doesn’t have as much from the book as they could have. With that in mind, my opinion is, by suing Taya Kyle Ventura is seriously harming the Kyle children. It is my opinion anyone who would sue the widow of a United States hero and fallen SEAL ‘brother’, for all the world to see, would certainly say everything Chris Kyle said he did in a familiar semi-private bar setting among friends. Also, I believe anyone who could sue a widow months after her husband died would not think twice about saying “SEALs deserve to lose a few” during a wake for Medal of Honor recipient Michael Monsoor. Knowing Chris Kyle lived his life protecting ‘his brothers’ and he was murdered trying to help a fellow veteran, verses knowing how Ventura is know for saying inflammatory things and has sued a widow makes me believe Chris Kyle did argue with Ventura, and Chris Kyle did punch Ventura. If you will commit one dishonorable, and shameless act in the wide open public with no respect for a fallen member of SEAL brotherhood then you probably committed a semi-private one too. Actions speak louder than words and the action of Jesse Ventura against Taya shows a lack of honor and selfishness of the highest order. I would have forgotten the story was associated with Ventura, but I will never forget or forgive the lawsuit.

joy:   he has no heart as the family of US warrior

Old Sailor:   POS. This man knows nothing of honor. This is worse than Bergdahl’s fiasco.

CarlsbadKid:   You know, I can understand why Jesse sued Chris in the first place (I don’t agree with it, but I can see why) however for him to press the case to Taya after Chris’s death was beyond low class. He claims to have filed the case to protect his reputation… Well how does that rep look now, Jesse?

candyman:   Very sad when Jesse didn’t drop the lawsuit after Chris died goes after his wife and Kids and those so called jurors give him a win. WHAT A LOSER / VENTURA IS

Armymom48:   Our son is with the 5th Group and our nephew finished Hell Week and is continuing Seal training. I bought and read Chris’s book and learned so much. Anything he might have said about JV didn’t even register with me. Upon hearing the award I was sickened that he would sue the widow. Luckily she won’t suffer excessively from this and won’t be destitute. But she will be hurt so much emotionally.

Citizenjay:   In a word: Shameful

Mad Dog:   If he were any kind of man at all he would have picked himself up off the floor and not said a word to anyone. He sure does not live up to his tough guy persona.

BigTex:   Ventura should have let it go long ago. He said some nasty stuff to Chris, and Ryan Job, as they were mourning the loss of brothers they lost overseas. Ventura started that mess by talking shit, and getting in Chris’ face. Ventura deserved far more than he got. He deserved to have his ass kicked not just by Chris, and Ryan, but the former team guys who were there with him. To sue Chris’ family once he’s dead is low, for even the lowest of the low. It’s pure shit in the worst form. He screwed up by talking shit about the fallen team guys, but he fucked up and crossed the line by pursuing Taya Kyle, and her kids. He deserves every bit of pain, and loss that may come his way. The jury, and judge in the trial need to be checked, the book doesn’t outright say that POS’ name, does it describe him? Sure does, but it doesn’t throw his name out there. It’s sickening that the judge and jury would even consider favoring Vultura in a settlement, let a lone in a court of law.

Poseidon:   Ventura needs to go fist himself.

Robert L.:   My Trident is a symbol of honor and heritage. Bestowed upon me by the heroes that have gone before, it embodies the trust of those who I have sworn to protect. By wearing the Trident I accept the responsibility of my chosen profession and way of life. It is a privilege that I must earn every day. My loyalty to Country and Team is beyond reproach. Any of this remind you of Jim Janos? Nuff said!

Alpinebill:   Going to start a new foundation to carry Jesse’s ideals forward. “Warriors Against Widows”.

Dale Sheehy:   I think it’s shameful what Jesse Ventura did. His only chances at any kind of redemption is to donate his award to a charity benefitting wounded warriors.

Old Pork Chop:   This verdict and the case itself are disheartening to me. You don’t go after the widow and children of a fallen brother, you just don’t. A man would not do this, a serviceman surely would not do it and a SEAL??!! No way! If all of Mr. Ventura’s allegations were true, so what! Nut up, shut up, get a life and get on with it. You shame the service we served in. I disown you.

SAS:   While not a SEAL or navy for that matter, I would love to be an observer the first time Mr. Ventura wonders into a watering whole that is frequented by current and former mates of the brotherhood. One wonders what went through his cranium to come to the conclusion that he was damaged goods, to think a knock on the bum would crack a fragile ego like that says quite a bit about his own self worth and his lack of mental toughness. What a wanker or I believe you would say a horses ass!

FastLSX:   When you’re in a “brotherhood,” there are certain lines you just don’t cross. If all Jesse Ventura wanted to do was “clear his name,” then he could have acted like a man and sat down with Chris like a reasonable person would, cleared this up, and buried the hatchet. It would have been over and done with, no Lawyers, no Court Rooms, and no mud slinging involved. But he didn’t… Because this was not about “clearing his name.” This is about him and his Lawyers seeing the story in Chris Kyle’s book as good Lawsuit material and to put a lot of money in his pocket…. Jesse, you should have learned your lesson from that fat lip Chris gave you. Dragging a Widow and her kids through the mud, especially during a time of extreme emotional pain, to someone within your own tightly woven SEAL Community, is an abomination. And for you to get on TV after the verdict and whine like a LITTLE GIRL that you “can’t go to reunions anymore” shows us all that you’ve got a major clutch problem. You’re a narcissistic, greedy, despicable SACK. You will need all of that 1.8 million dollars to insulate yourself from the bed you just made… Guys, please don’t let him back into your circle ever again. He doesn’t deserve to be there anymore.

Tasha:   Flabbergasted but not surprised given how litigious society has become. I hope the SEAL community has turned their back on JV. You took a punch dude. Stop being a pushy about it! There was no shame in getting knocked out. The shame came after with a lawsuit. You had every opportunity to drop it after Chris’ s death. I hope SEALs everywhere line up and punch you every time they cross your path.

lighthouse:   I am disgusted with the American justice system. I never thought that a man who has a grievance with another man over punch would be allowed to put that grievance of that now deceased man’s family to satisfy his emotional distress of other people finding out about him basically getting beat up. I hope to see news that Jesse Ventura or Jim Janos is removed from the fraternal order of the SEALs. I don’t think a man has ever done anything more self interest aimed or more shallow then financially attacking a widowed wife and children.

smillr58:   I was born and raised in Minnesota and have never been more embarrassed in my entire life… I truly believe in what goes around comes around… He can go fuck himself… Go to hell Venturda, and rot.

Robin M:   I think if you have a problem with another person, you settle it with that person. Simple as that. In the case of the late Chris Kyle and Jessie Ventura, it was settled on the evening in question. Unfortunately defamation of character lawsuits (Which can be beyond frivolous) are a sad reality. Mr Ventura’s reputation has been in steady decline for years, strange behaviors, and of course many of his conspiracy theory shows didn’t exactly help his case. But to amend the lawsuit to include the widow and the family after the initial intended target of said lawsuit has passed, and in Chris’s case, murdered. Shows a lack of class, honor, and integrity. That action should be answered by the community in as clear cut a statement as possible. I am disappointed in the actions of Mr Ventura’s nature. They are shameful, and disrespectful. Money is never worth honor or integrity. That’s my two cents…few bucks really Robin

Dallas Warrior:   Ventura just traded what was left of his credibility, honor, career and manhood for a pittance settlement from the widow of one of America’s greatest heroes. Ventura is a complete coward, and will be forever shunned by the very warfare communities he exploited throughout his career in Hollywood.

Txazz:   Jury tampering ?? Could be considering the facts. 5 men and 3 women voted for Ventura – men I would have thought would vote the other way. Trial location MN however see poll results for MN and 74% says no for Ventura. I’ve kept my ear to the ground on the lawsuit (as you can tell from my posts ) and I’ve backed up many things with facts. From tworadio polls (one from MN CBS) I’ve heard about or seen online the majority of ppl are against the verdict. I call it a pity vote. One fact I find strange this morning as I am not finding information on who witnessed for Ventura. I know there were some who agreed with Ventura saying the altercation didn’t happen. Very strange. Every article talks about the 11 witnesses for Kyle. In above REP thread I posted facts on “before book published and after”. Ventura’s history speaks for itself. I also posted fact based on Ventura’s income records about his career going downhill before the book was published. There were some inconsistencies from Kyle witnesses however, there certainly were a few very credible ones whose facts jived. I find it was an insult to our military. It appears there was not much credence given to those who testified. It was a bad call by Kyle’s attorney when he could easily have said no to concessions and let it go to mistrial. Taya was shocked and upset thinking they had a victory. Something went wrong with the jurors. I think half knew something about the court case beforehand and perhaps more than half knew who Ventura was but, said it would not affect their verdict. Personally I think they were swayed by an entertaining Ventura who even offered to remove his shirt in court to reveal his SEAL tattoo thus showing his loyalty. The judge declined however, out of court he did so for reporters. To prove defamation (again is posted in the above REP thread) there was quite a burden of proof. Ventura did not meet that as far as facts show. How in the world could they prove that Chris Kyle had malice aforethought in publishing said info in his book. Even if Chris embellished his story has nothing to do with whether it happened or how it happened (proved by Kyle’s witnesses). Once again I’ll say I posted from the records a pdf 22 page Instructions to the Jury from Judge Kyle. I did not like the verdict as I didn’t think it was a fair judgement call. It was allowed in court that any monetary award would come from the Estate which definitely had an effect on jury. Personally I hope Kyle’s attorneys decide to file an appeal or Taya hires a new team to represent our best, Chris Kyle’s legacy as an honorable man, not a liar.

CBTI, 10th SF Guy:   If this suit was about restoring Venture’s reputation, upon the verdict he would have asked the judge to award him $1 in damages. Instead, he demanded between $5-$15 million and was awarded the $1.8 million. Please keep in mind, the book grossed roughly $6 million and after publisher profit, agent fees, taxes etc…at best Chris received $1.5 to $2 million so there is no doubt Venture wanted to bankrupt Chris Kylie’s widow. He He can still do the right thing and take the dollar and restore his honor on his own!

Therese:   He is a pathetic shell of a “man” term I am using loosely, with no valor or honor left. It is one thing to have an issue with Chris Kyle and in very bad taste sue him. It is another to continue on after he was murdered.

Daniel K:   Well, it’s hard to react to this and not to be rude or call Ventura shitbag, who he truly is. It’s really sad that someone tries to make money on hero’s name and legacy. But it’s even more shameful and disgraceful to sue Chris widow and claim it’s not for money, but for clearing his name. Simply, this guy is total worthless piece of shit who tarnished his name and his previous work with stupid lie and act of pure disrespect to the man, who sacrificed everything for his country and its people. After this, regardless his achievements, Jesse Ventura will be in my eyes man with zero honor and any sense of brotherhood. It’s even more unbelievable and nasty to me considering Ventura was SEAL same as Kyle and did something like that to the family of fallen brother in arms. He had chance to do right think after Chris’s death, but he didn’t and now dragged this to the painful end for both sides. So let him be remembered as one huge asshole.

Kah10161:   Persona Non Grata!!!

ITRIEDEL:   Funny how he says Chris lied to help sell his book; because being the most lethal sniper in history wasn’t enough. Let’s see who’s story I’m going to believe? A conspiracy nutone time politician? Or a tested and proven combat vet who’s humbleness exceeded his kill record. RIP CPO Kyle.

fjfar80:   First off, I think that Mr. Ventura has quite frankly left the reservation when it comes to some of his opinions, etc. and I don’t have any issue with someone getting “taken to the mat” for said opinions. Further, I think it is a travesty to go after the estate of someone who valiantly served his country because your ego got bruised. I think this suit speaks to Mr. Ventura’s character and this suit has done his character more harm than Mr. Kyle’s book ever did.

PTD175:   I think it’s disgusting that he filed the lawsuit and am equally disappointed with the jurors who found he should be awarded $1.8million. I will gladly donate to the Kyle family in order to help them pay on this ridiculous lawsuit, that is if they don’t appeal it.

OPFOR DOC:   If Ventura’s motivation was trying to save face, his plan backfired. The only thing left for him to do now is give the money he was awarded plus court costs to Taya. That way he could “claim” the suit was all about his reputation, and not money. Then maybe, and its a big maybe, he won’t become an outcast in the SEAL community. Taya has nothing to prove and will always have the community by her side.

clangridge:   This action by Ventura violates every principle and tradition of honorable military custom; women and children, families, are sacred. His actions are reprehensible; he should forfeit his claim to the honor of calling himself a SEAL.

TJ:   This is bullshit, even I as non-american am pissed off. I wonder how does $1,8M will help Jesse get his reputation back? Well, it wont, and that’s good.

Publish the facts and not emotion or team culture:   I’m really disturbed what what appears to be sheep thinking about this Ventura case with most commenters calling Ventura all sorts of negative terms. Chris Kyle being one of the best snipers to walk this earth doesn’t give him a free pass to misrepresent what happened with Venturat. And most media outlets including SOFREP have said Ventura shouldn’t have sued. Why in the world should a man allow himself to be defamed? When Kyle was a live he had the chance to publicly retract his statement but refused to do so and the suit was already filed while Kyle was alive so SOFREP and others should stop saying that Ventura went after a poor widow. Report the facts accurately and stop the disinformation. Ventura has a receipt showing he wasn’t at the bar at the time Kyle and his witnesses alleged.

Madwest:   The man has no honor.

Lucas:   To begin with, Ventura, you have some serious ego issues. But more importantly, before I stage a tangent, I would like express my deepest sympathy for the Kyle family. As many of you know, Chris Kyle knocked Jesse Ventura the hell out. In that instance, it is tough for any man to own up to getting his ass handed to him; however, once you mix in the egotistical, low life aspect of Ventura, things get dicey. Ventura stated in court that money was not the issue given the circumstances. My response to this…..bullshit. Furthermore, reading into the finiancial position Ventura and his wife are in, states otherwise. in 2012, the Venturas grossed an income of 200k. This is considerably down from their precious average of 3.2 million. So, yeah….there’s that. I will not discuss the issue of suing the widow of an American hero. We all know how immoral and dispicable it is of anyone to continue in a situation like that. To end things, Venturfuck, formerly known as Ventura in my are the most low life coward of my life. You are a disgrace to the uniform and the SEAL community. I sincerely hope, that with this $1.8 million settlement, you donate every cents to veteran foundations, of all sorts. To any and all that may read this, I ask that you go buy ‘American Sniper’ and/or donate a little bit of money to the Kyle family.

Steyrshrek:   Mixed emotions. I guess this vindicates his side of the story, all be it Chris wasn’t there to refute or tell his side. I think his own actions of continuing on with the lawsuit after Chris’ death was foolish and hurt his reputation far more than anything Chris or anyone else said or did. I hope he does the right thing now and takes the courts ruling as a win and not take any of the settlement. The fight was between him and Chris, taking that settlement from the estate and Chris’ family is pretty low.

JollyRodger:   I think he’s a cock mongrel for going through with this.

Bandit:   I am appalled at how a guy can act this way. I mean I can understand the ignorance of civilians, but this kind of s**t from a former SEAL? I know it’s not nice, but all I can say about this guy is, that his off his nut. If he had some kind of beef with Chris Kyle. The kind of behavior I’d expect from a veteran is to take it up with him personally and when he (Chris Kyle) passed away, not to continue this with Kyle’s grieving wife. So that’s my (a foreigner’s) take on this thing. Wind to your wings SOFREP team, you’re doing a great job. Greetings from NE Europe.

Cdcaudell:   Jesse may have won his day in court but he lost lost big time in terms of honor and respect. He could have dropped his lawsuit when Chris Kyle was murdered. Instead he revealed his true character by going after Taya Kyle and her children.

tmacslc:   I will keep this professional and not use the language that dominates my thoughts. Jesse Ventura is a sad, paranoid and pathetic man. I find it interesting that someone who “lives off the grid” in Mexico, is very vocal in his paranoia and criticism of the United States as a whole and has basically renounced his citizenship is so worried about his reputation and being labeled as unpatriotic. This lawsuit was a money and attention grab, at the expense of a widow and fatherless children, plain and simple. If Ventura’s goal was to fight for the honor of his good name…well done, reputation saved. The damage he has done to his reputation is far worse than what was supposedly done when Chris Kyle made the “infamous” comments on that radio show. Ventura claimed “suffering” because he can’t go to any of the SEAL events and reunions. Tell me what the response will be now that he has “won” against a SEAL brother’s widow and children. I thought the original lawsuit against Chris was a joke and did not think that Ventura would win. When Chris was murdered and the suit was shifted to Taya, I was pissed. It is one thing to go after the man who made the comments, the one who can stand up in court and defend his words, but to go after his widow and children?!? Ventura showed his true colors as soon as he continued with the lawsuit. Did Chris error in saying that the person he punched out was Ventura…possibly, but he had the ability to defend his statements. Did it make American Sniper a success…no. Did Ventura have the right to sue him for it…yes, even though it was a chickenshit move. It should have been handled man to man, even in the setting of a court of law…accuser against accused. Not accuser against the widow, the person who cannot defend the statements that were made. Ventura’s actions seem to go against everything you hear about the SEALs. The tight knit brotherhood, forged by experiences the majority of society can’t imagine let alone experience. The having your teammate’s back and never leaving someone behind. Ventura will live with his decision for the rest of his life but I don’t think he will ever see anything other than how it affected him and his “good” name. Now I am pissed with myself for using Ventura’s name so many times. Maybe SOFREP can do some redacting for me.

Sandra H:   If, as Jesse Ventura, says this is about regaining his reputation he should donate the 1.8M back to the Chris Kyle family.

Groovechild83:   Such sadness I feel for Chris’s family. I don’t know how Jesse Ventura can sleep at night knowing what he has done. Shame on all the people that supported his bullshit and helped him win. This whole thing is disappointing and disgusting. God bless Chris’s soul, and his family’s strength.

Ventura is a hot mess:   So he’s allowed to run his mouth about government conspiracies and run his mouth about everyone eles…oh but no one can hurt his feelings…he’s a gold digging FELICIA…he takes from Cris’s kids SMDH

Prowler:   to quote jesse, who’s the “slack-jawed faggot” now?

I am Jack’s Frustration:   Its obvious and goes without saying that any and all members, readers, and contributors to this website will share the same opinion of Jesse Ventura. I have read numerous articles and postings about the illegitimacy of this lawsuit against the late Chris Kyle and his family. To me personally its not the amount of money that was settled in favor Jesse, its the arrogant grin that he will wear day-to-day feeling as if he has won some triumphant battle. Mr. Ventura, having earned his Trident, should know how inappropriate it is to make a statement that SEALS “deserve to lose a few good men.” This statement would be similar in justifying any terrorist act by implying “so and so country deserves to lose some innocent civilians.” There is no place nor need for such type of comments. This community is based on one of true professionalism, pride, and respect, something unfortunately Mr. Ventura has tainted. Thankfully, this community does not go down so easily, and as the rest of us patriots rally together, the money or lawsuit will have no effect. The loss of respect Mr. Ventura will face will be much greater then 1.8 million dollars. He will go from the governor, wrestler, and Blain to, “aren’t you that guy that sued Chris Kyle’s wife after he died?….because he beat you up?” So to you Mr. Ventura I say, take your shameful chips and hide, hide your face, turn your phone off, and do not check your emails. I can assure you no one will have anything good to say about you, if this were Fight Club you would be Jack’s frustration. Shame on you.

jason:   voltura is the scum of the earth

DJake78:   What a pathetic excuse of a man and a human being. A complete POS who acts like he’s a victim and people should feel sorry for him. Way to go douche nozzle going after family members. Spineless jellyfish.

Smitty:   He is pathetic. What happened to the warriors code that family is left out of it. I think the brotherhood needs to pay him a visit.

Texas proud:   I don’t know all the details but my take is Jesse is not much of a man.after the incident he should have reached out and talked with Chris man to man and resolved it ! Period! But he went the pussy route and took him to court and even then after he was killed he should have dropped then but no he went after his wife! What a pussy he is I have no respect for him !

Iceman:   If he thought his reputation had been damaged before, he is now truly screwed. No one should hurt the family of a fallen brother! His fight was with Chris not his wife. No body cared about him in the past, now his name will always be remembered for the scumbag he is!

gallantone15:   Plain and simple; Jesse Ventura is a piece of shit and if he has any morals he will do what is right and not except the money from the lawsuit.

KTaylor:   I don’t like the verdict but everyone is allowed to have their day in court. Jesse, got his. I think this court case has done him more damage than Chris Kyle’s words ever could. I think out of respect for the Kyle family he should have only asked for $1 in damages and clear his name. I think that would have gone a lot further than having a 1.8 million payout. Now he has alienated himself in SEAL and public circles. Mr Ventura, will forever be known as the guy that took 1.8 million from a decorated veteran’s widow.

Jim:   I’m trying to wrap my mind around how someone who use to wear tights, dyed his hair, and got beat up for a living is somehow dimished by written words. I can only hope that at the end of the day he chooses to be satisfied with the mere verdict and releases any claim to the money. At worst I hope he donates it to Wounded Warriors or some other worthy cause. Just think how his standing on the world stage will be then, money to a worthy cause…… the expense of a widow.

Brian:   If anything defamed him at all it’s this lawsuit as a whole not his being mentioned in Chris’s book. The only thing this lawsuit did for him was solidify the fact that he was a piece of shit who was worth punching out in the first place.

calicowboy:   voltura is scum and does not disserve to be called a seal.

29 Savoy:   Ventura is lower than a snake’s belly. How can he ever look himself in the mirror again? My heart goes out to the Kyle family, and hope that they will be able to find some peace very soon. Semper Fi from Baltimore.

MDK:   Chris Kyle, extraordinary hero, a man of honor and compassion, a man of towering bravery. Only a swine like Jesse Ventura have the nerve to defile his former seal team mates. That is the true defamation. The only thing I can say is that Chris Kyle’s Spirit will never perish.

Sell:   Just a total scumbag. I don’t get it. How could anyone side with him.

jaws:   Do not like the smearing of Jesse Ventura in the internet. Or the the crap that he’s taking money from a widower, the education fund of Chris Kyle kid etc. Sucks to see frogman backstabbing each other. I’m told Jesse was encouraged by SEALs to fight Chris Kyle in court. Sad to see UDT/SEAL community split over being pro or anti Jesse Ventura. Bugs me greatly people challenging that Jesse wasn’t a SEAL. He was UDT, graduated in BUD/S class 58. What frogman claim he’s not a SEAL? Mostly non-SEALs are his haters. And it is BS. Most of the folks that are whining are youngsters that could be his kids. He gets a lot of crap about being antiwar or a conspiracy nut. The truth is veterans have a long history of questioning politicians and war. Look up the book “WAR IS A RACKET” from Marine General Smedley Butler on how war is animated by big business interest. We have folks on the right Pat Buchanan who are antiwar, anti-empire and there are plenty of nutcases that call him foul crap like antisemitic. Anyone criticizing Israel gets called that and pro-terrorist or pro-Hamas. Guess President Eisenhower would be called a anti-Semite today. He also warned about the dangers of military industrial complex he must be a conspiracy nut. The last thing I’ll say is the shooters of Jesse Ventura’s generation bled in Vietnam and Chris Kyle’s generation bled in Iraq and Afghanistan. The war in Vietnam was seen as a sacrifice that was in vain. The dramatic image of withdrawing from the US embassy in Saigon in 1975 was clear for everybody to see. Today the Islamic State/ISIS has overrun half of Syria and Iraq. Tell me the veterans of both wars don’t question their sacrifice. Suggest that you invite Jesse Ventura to SOFREP. It shouldn’t be a hit piece and let him speak to the SEAL/UDT community directly without filters or edits.

Hollywood:   Can not even fathom that someone could be so desperate for money that they would sink to such depths. Jesse has shown himself to be a man without honor, compassion, or touch with reality. How can he ever hold his head up in public again. I hope He spends the rest of his life being constantly ridiculed and harassed.

Kansas Patriot:   It is absolutely disgusting that Jesse Ventura won this lawsuit. To sue the widow and family of who had nothing to do with the incident at Coronado is deplorable. I hope the general public realizes that Ventura is a scumbag. The lawsuit should have been dropped when Chris was killed. Ventura: Piss off.

T2:   I’m baffled at how Ventura thought anything about his CoA was the right path. That’s the initial part that fascinates and infuriates me. I’m also very mystified at how the jury could have come to that decision. I have no insight as to what was presented and how it was perceived. Make no mistake, though, Jesse Ventura is a predatory douchebag.

ChrisG:   1.8 Million would go a long way to help Chris Kyle’s wife and family recover from the terrible tragedy of losing him. Jesse, while indeed a Vietnam era Veteran of UDT, has made a mockery of himself and should NOT bring further shame upon the memory of someone who in my opinion, was 10 times the man that Ventura is. And a TRUE American hero. Either don’t accept the money, or give it immediately back. It’s your only way out of this shitstorm THAT YOU YOURSELF CAUSED!

athletictouch:   Venture should of dropped the suit the moment we heard of Chris death. I believe everything that Chris said to be true. He was a man of honor and had more character and class the most of the men I know. He knew what it meant to be a Navy Seal. Venture is a coward and has no honor or class. He thought he lost big before, he has no idea at all. He will be trashed forever for doing what he has done to the Kyle family.. all I can say he is 100% douchbag…

rynob:   Swore I wouldn’t get sucked down the rabbit hole… (oh well) And I KNOW others have already said it… but the dude rockin’ the unmounted mini in ‘Predator’ Totally ruined that friking movie for more than a million other dudes!!! I’ll leave the Ethos aspect to others.

Beezer:   Ventura’s own mouth had ruined his reputation for me long, long before I read Chris Kyle’s book. He has done more damage to himself than anyone else could ever do. Anyone who would go to court against the family of a war hero who was murdered, doesn’t deserve respect, and he certainly will never get any from me. I want Taya Kyle to know that I’m just a grandmother in Oklahoma, but I read Chris’ book, and his honor and his legacy is rock solid with me, and many many others. I want her to know that Chris’ service and sacrifice are appreciated and hers as well. Nothing can change what we feel for Chris Kyle.

Alex:   This really pisses me off. It is hard not be extremely upset with Mr. Ventura for continuing this lawsuit. That being said, without being at the trial, I can’t really say whether this verdict and award were justified. I do know that defamation is extremely hard to prove and damages difficult to calculate so I, like most people, assumed he was going to lose. I don’t doubt that Chris was telling the truth for a second, but apparently the defense witnesses’ testimony was not convincing enough for the jury. My only solace is the fact that the SEAL community will continue alienating Jesse Ventura.

raymondgaule:   I just read the disturbing news that the jury awarded 1.5 Million to that piece of human excrement. This guy has only one more thing he should do and that is to renounce his membership in the SEAL community. I don’t know how many members of this community would ever welcome him in. The worst part is Kris is not even alive to defend this, and for Ventura to continue with the suit after his death knowing that it will affect Kris Kyles wife and children. This guy is not even human.

Fillmore668:   The original lawsuit itself was the act of a small person, threatened by the recognition of his own developing insignificance. The fact that he continued with it after Chief Kyle’s death was avaricious and plainly unAmerican. The decision and the award will be the final act required to turn his fame into infamy. The name Jesse Ventura will become nothing but a punchline to a joke. As for the money… I hope he chokes on it.

Daylon:   Mr. Ventura, Sad day! Keeping the faith truly has different meanings to the two of us!!!

Z Riggins Former Army brat:   Whether we want to admit it or not, we as men are all in some form or another shaped by “Pride”. Regardless of what happened, Jesse Ventura (Former UDT/SEAL) should have had enough respect & honor for out nations fallen that he drop the suit against this American Hero’s family. I have had the privilege of living in many different countries growing up & I realize the “Night & Day” difference that is military vs civilian life but at the end of the day we should all be proud thankful American Citizens. Again just my honest opinion but the man should have let this thing go and swallowed some pride(Jesse Ventura)… He would have been a better man had he done so!

Joe C.:   Piece of shit. No honor for his fallen brothers. Hope the community turns their back on him. He needs to be dropped again, this time for Kyle and his family.

Romadave:   Dick! I wish I still had the capacity to be shocked at how human beings treat each other. I hope Taya pays the $1.8 Million in rolls of quarters so Jesse can stick them right up his ass. Go bless and protect Taya Kyle and their family.

Hydro:   Not much to say other than he’s lucky he waited until Chris was gone in order to sue. Know wonder Chris smacked him in the past, Jessie just like his career and life he’s completely irrelevant now so he goes after women and children. Coward !!!!!

LnBen:   Ventura loved his country so much that he moved out of it. But he wanted its court’s protection from verbal nastiness. Kyle loved his country so much that after mustering out, he wanted to help his wounded comrades…and died doing so. “The punch”, whether acknowledged in the book (which it was not attributed to Ventura) and was later clarified in interviews…should have not been tied to book revenues. A personal liability case against Kyle, for the interview…perhaps. But Kyle’s widow should not forfeit ANY monies from book sales. After Kyle’s death, the Manly thing to do…accept the clearing of his name and refuse monetary compensation. Ventura’s lifestyle and public statements are what made him a “fringe” character and cost him his loss of revenue…one alcohol-fueled dust-up in a local bar…the dragging of good names and reputations through mud…how was that worth the time and trouble?….Oh yah, $1.8M. Dafuq?

ADMarine:   I want a boxing match against for charity for war widows

ADMarine:   I want a boxing match against for charity for war widows

John:   He sued due to a passage in the book, was he even clearly named? I read the book and don’t remember the passage. Jesses has shown his true colors which are bitch. To actually go after a war heros family after he is dead is pathetic. He was being an idiot he got hit take it like a man not a little girl. If it’s not true the man is dead so who cares your still living move on you pathetic moron. Any respect I had for Jesse is gone.

DGredTribe:   Maybe he’ll make a delusional conspiracy theorist show about this. Why would he think to go after the wife of a fallen brother. I hate to even say “Brother” because I can guarantee the NSW Community will banish his ass for good.

WarEagle32:   Congrats on winning your lawsuit against a dead American hero’s widow. I think that Ventura is absolutely as low is it gets. I have seen and heard him several times the past few years , and regardless of his past service the man HATES America. I hope he stays in Mexico!

Bad Karma:   Well what kind of inhuman sonofabitch would do this to a mans widow and his children. Well that is someone else to add to the list of people I will be seeing in hell.

jc41224:   Jesse Ventura is basically a terrorist for initiating and following through on this lawsuit against an American hero

Andy:   Hey SOFREP members, I think it is absolutely despicable that Jesse Ventura a former SEAL (I am very sad even to acknowledge this fact) has won his law suit against the Kyle estate. The whole reason for this is to argue the fact that the brawl didn’t happen and that it has damaged his reputation. So let me counter argue this point, Chirs wrote about several things in the book, very personal things like problems in his marriage, issues that he faced, and the mistakes he had made as well. The book was written honestly and he never shied away from what he believed in or what was the truth for him. So when a person like Ventura a politician who has supported and probably still supports conspiracy theorists out there (like Alex Jones) it is hard for me to believe Ventura or even give any credibility to him whatsoever. At the end of the day Chris donated proceeds from his book to family members of fallen Navy Seals, he gave most of his time to help veterans trying to readjust to life State side and was successful in helping them overcome the stress and anxiety that comes with being in a combat zone. He truly cared about individuals serving in our society and at the end was slain while trying to help another service member. After all of this Ventura never let it go and went after a grieving widow who had to take care of her children at the same time. So Mr.Ventura congratulations the court has sided with you and now you can go on with you reputation intact. Oh right you never did have a good reputation and now you just shot it twice in the head and once in the heart. I cannot believe that anyone in their right mind would believe you and if you think you have redeemed your reputation by winning this case you sir are hugely mistaken.

Usn5326:   James Janos aka Jesse Vuntura, was in my training class #58… Messy has proven that he ha NO honor. Many of us in the SEALcommunityare shocked and disgusted that he would actually sue Kyles wife. Who had nothing to do with the incident! Jesse is all about himself and NOT the brotherhood of the SEAL COMMUNITY! As we are all Alpha males, there have been May times when we have augured and caught each other, NONE OF WOULD EVER THINK OF SUEING THE OTHER…. Let alone a fellow SEAL’s WIFE!!! Jesse… You are NOT a SEAL brother… You are a POS, and a lowlife for doing this! If you were a man you would take ONE dollar of that money and leave the rest to Chris Kyle’s wife and children!

GGUSMC:   If Ventura was so worried about his reputation then why did he sue the widowed wife of Chris Kyle? In my personal opinion Ventura is a douchebag!!

L-Train:   I’m not a SEAL and I guess I see this a little differently than Brandon. Kyle makes up a story very disparaging to JV in order to sell his book (Mother Moy, Navy Seal and owner of the bar confirmed the story was made up). This story very negatively affected JV’s reputation and income opportunities so he sues him for it. The fact that Kyle was tragically killed and the suit transferred to his estate doesn’t change the fact that Kyle made up a lie about a fellow SEAL. That was wrong and he (or his estate) should have to answer for it, which they did. I don’t blame JV for wanting to clear his name. How does anyone take issue with JV here?

Shortstack:   Deep breath and exhale. I shake my head in disgust as I am sure most readers here will do. My first introduction to Chris Kyle was when I bought American Sniper to add to my military library. Quite honestly Jessie Ventura’s part in the book never stuck in my mind. Chris was a mentor of sorts, I followed his many conquests relentlessly only because, as a writer, I wanted to know what drove Chris to be the man he was. He graciously added me to his Facebook page. I am personally outraged at the courts decision. The real losers are Chris Kyle’s family because this takes from his wife and his children and the thought Mr. Ventura would do this is repugnant. He is now the scourge of Navy Seals and those who thought so highly of Chris Kyle.

Amit O:   Its a shame, Mr. Ventura, that you chose to put your ego ahead of one of your brothers, the welfare of his family and even the spec-ops community as a whole. Your reputation has surely suffered worse in the past, was this really necessary?

eSCphr34k:   if the story of scruff face was false why would he be so butt hurt. shit’s a joke.

Class of One:   Just one more evolution for the outfit.. “We dont’ make policy, just carry it out” or get into politics yourself…..Jesse is an outspoken Frogman. b/c “one of you sons of bitches is to be first in every class” and that includes President one day ….or National antagonist… He pissed off a lot of people in the last decade. He waved the UDT/SEAL banner, at times in a way unappreciated by some. My concern is will a Frogman ever make it into office. How does this event hurt or help that? It certainly affects it…how does it affect it? What appears to a be a group of young guys forcing their will putting up a petition… putting up what they feel deeply is a necessary action…. has been seen before and will be again…that is natural. What Ethos was at play that started the ball rolling? Who nudged it first? Is it still at Play and if so, why? Deep Politics? What further divisions develop remain to be seen, what consolidations occur also. One things for sure, as a community, Frogmen will be doing some deep soul searching, I suggest heed Dicks recent interview on SOFREP advice and get back to basics, everyone spend some time in the water…talk to the Sea Gods if you dare, but consider as one writer has noted ““I saw well why the gods do not speak to us openly, nor let us answer . . . Why should they hear the babble that we think we mean? How can they meet us face to face till we have faces?” Face. Virtue. Ethos. Examine Thyself. It could be said that what happens within that community will be the fate of America. I know for a fact deep heaven is watching closely and betting on a positive outcome, so I will too. Sailing lessons anyone?

Airport Fireman:   Jesse is a loser if everything that I have read from vetted sources he really was never a Seal anyway. He should be trashed for impersonating . What does Don Shipley say ? Did the community stand behind Chris Kyle?

10 blade:   He said some contempable things about the “seals needing to lose a few” (at a very sensitive time and place), and got the appropriate response. He wasn’t named in the book but bragged it referred to him then claimed loss of reputation. In any case, his beef was with Kyle. Continuing the lawsuit naming kyke’s widow after Kyle’s death shows his complete lack of honor as a Veteran, and indeed, as a man. Kyle’s widow having to deal with this scumbag after the death of her husband, who died continuing to serve our Vets, is a damn shame. I how he gets the appropriate response again.

JBear:   Jesse Ventura has disgraced himself yet again. It’s one thing to sue Chris Kyle for a bruised ego. It’s quite another to continue on in the law suit following Kyle’s death. To put the burden on Taya & the kids is shameful. As if the family hasn’t suffered enough under Kyle’s untimely death & the manner by which it came. “American Sniper” did not name Ventura. As I understand it, Kyle confirmed that it was indeed Ventura when asked by a caller during an interview. In my opinion, Ventura is & has always been an ego maniac. It’s been demonstrated time & time again from his WWF days to the MN governorship. Chris Kyle’s is and will be remembered in the nation’s history as a humble warrior/patriot. Someone our sons & daughters can look up to & be thankful for. Jesse Ventura will go down as an oddball misfit who loved the spotlight. Someone who could only have succeed b/c of the freedoms offered by this country. Freedoms that were gained through the blood, sweat & tears of men like Chris Kyle.

samvic5150:   enjoy your settlement scumbag!

Kilgore:   This just makes me sick. Apparently now Jesse needs this much fucking money? Fuck him. How this even constitutes defamation is embarrassing for the American judicial system. I hope Jesse gets a faceful of fate sometime soon. My thoughts go out to Chris’ family and I hope that we can all help support them.

ST:   First off just to be clear, I am a 21 year old Canadian and in Canada we don’t have law suits like you guys do in the US. It is very rare, but it is growing in popularity, and for that I am sad. I feel that a fundamental part of being an adult is being able to solve problems amongst the parties involved with words. I do not see the need to use the courts to settle problems, but maybe I am just idealistic. That said, I am so disappointed in Mr. Ventura, and his clear inability to use dialogue to solve his issues with Mr. Kyle. As an outsider, I believed that the SEAL/UDT community was one were we would find reasonable and tempered men that would first try to solve any problems amongst them selves, instead of using the courts. So by my standards, Mr. Ventura is just another “adult” that has been relegated to my “child” category, right there next to Kim Jong-Un. I expected better than this from you, Mr. Ventura, but it is you that has to live with the consequences, not me.

g0d0fw1ne:   I am surprised by the verdict. First, because Ventura had to prove his alleged statements and Chris’s punch never happened; and i thought there were credible witnesses that would attest that they did happen. Second, Ventura had to prove intent to defame; and i thought that because it was a true story and because Ventura’s name was left out of the book, it would demonstrate there was no intent to defame. The fact that Ventura won, makes me wonder if there is information i am not aware of. Setting all that aside, i do not agree with the approach Ventura took. Even if Chris made everything up, Ventura should have just put out a statement saying its not true and just moved on. Suing the widow is just loony tunes. It’s despicable to make this a problem for Chris’ family, when they weren’t even involved in the incident and are already probably going through a difficult period.

M.I.S.S. Graduate:   Jessie Ventura = Giant Wind / Douche Bag!!!!!! Once again the American “Justice” system has sorely disappointed me. The jurors all must have had the IQ of tepid bath water!!!!

SpecOpsRanger:   Those of us who are public servants, do so because we choose to put others before ourselves, Mr. Ventura brings shame to all of us who work for the betterment of this country.

Molinari:   Breaking: Ventura to sue himself for defamation of his own character stemming from his most recent suit against the estate of the late Chris Kyle.

lydreina:   JV should be ashamed of himself!

Stevefro:   Mr Ventura is a scumbag! How any one could go after the widow of the person he was suing and claim to be a man of integrity that deserves respect is disgusting! It’s a sad day for America. The only way that he could half way redeem himself is to either give the family back the money,or at least donate it to a wounded veterans organization! Jesse Ventura you suck!!!!

Ct2fe:   This is one of the most unchristian things one warrior can do to another. As brothers in arms you should be able to have a disagreement with a brother fight it out drink a beer and call it good or agree to disagree. We can not and should not drag our families into the conflicts we fight. So bottom line. This pisses me off to no end. We should find some way within our SOF community to support Taya and the kids.

jr:   He had already marginalized himself with his radical views. Those were what led to his lack of work – Not anything Chris Kyle said about him. If he had even a molecule of HONOR in his bones, he would have dropped the suit when Chief Kyle was murdered. Instead, he chose to sue Chris’ “Estate,” which really means his widow and child. And now with this win, he’s taking sustenance and support away from them. The truly honorable and the SMARTEST thing for him to do at this point is – Turn down the award and publicize the court victory. He can speak about how his name was cleared, then say he feels vindicated. But follow that up by saying he doesn’t feel right taking sustenance and support away from the family of a murdered SEAL. That way – Everyone wins in what is currently a horrifying situation with no real winners.

Big Mike:   What a piece of fucking shit Jesse is. He’s a bitch, and I think all Americans are let down by him winning the case. Chris wasn’t just the most deadly sniper in US Military history, but he was an extremely loving husband and father! We will continue to support Taya through this and this community will always back up their brothers and families! God bless!

andymac27:   Jesse Ventura is a classless **s.

Draven:   (A copy and paste from my Facebook when I FIRST heard, plus some additions) This is Fuckin Bullshit. Ventura was a douchebag long before Chris wrote any story about him. The fact that his “career as an entertainer was in decline” had NOTHING to do with ANYTHING Chris wrote or said. It had SOLELY to do with the fact that Ventura sued Chris and then continued his suit against the WIDOW of an American hero, in Taya, when Chris was murdered. Saying that all the proceeds had to do with a half-page story about “Scruff Face” is ridiculous. I hope you enjoy that money James George Jonas because once you burn through that, you’re ass is going to be on the street where you belong. You’re fuckin scum. If you were dying right next to me, and I alone had the power to save you, I would sit back and smile as I watched you die.

Grotman:   Really? Going after a deceased man’s family and estate… that is way beyond low and is a dirtball move… as far as I am concerned he is a douchebag for doing this. No respect or compassion for Kyle’s family whatsoever. As a result of this I have lost all respect for this POS… and I’m sure many others will agree with me… but as they say Karma truly is a bitch and he will get his just deserves…

WhteWolf:   Ventura is a leach on the SOFREP community. Every effort should be made to blackball him and discourage any association with the SOFREP community. He has damaged himself and any resultant actions to him were his own doing. Going after Kyle’s wife and estate was the act of a sub human and a coward and needs to be viewed in that light. Lets just hope he stays in Mexico and disappears there as we do not need men of his character speaking for us. I have been associated with one other who claimed he was a seal and he also was a giant bag of dung. I pray for Chris’s wife and family that the acts of this despicable man do not harm them. May God grant them peace and kindness.

WhteWolf:   Ventura is a leach on the SOFREP community. Every effort should be made to blackball him and discourage any association with the SOFREP community. He has damaged himself and any resultant actions to him were his own doing. Going after Kyle’s wife and estate was the act of a sub human and a coward and needs to be viewed in that light. Lets just hope he stays in Mexico and disappears there as we do not need men of his character speaking for us. I have been associated with one other who claimed he was a seal and he also was a giant bag of dung. I pray for Chris’s wife and family that the acts of this despicable man do not harm them. May God grant them peace and kindness.

DKougar:   Ventura, if you knew anything about strategy or tactics, you would know that it is possible to win the battle but LOSE THE WAR! #Phyrricvictory

D:   My heart breaks even more for Taya. Not only is she grieving the loss of her husband & having to be mother & father to her children, but has to suffer yet another blow with the outcome of this loss in court to Mr. Ventura. It’s an act of cowardice on his part. I pray Taya remains strong & carries on with the support of our nation. She’s an Angel & I’m so sorry she went through this awful ordeal.

TWM42:   Regardless of who was telling the truth (I side with Chris Kyle in that respect fwiw) Jesse should have dropped the case when Chris died.

Cajun Gun:   What a jackass… True character always comes out sooner or later. I read the story in the book & chuckled but didn’t think about again but now I believe Ventura is a scoundrel. Pos for sure

Hank:   Pretty much all i can say without going into a rant about this piece of shit, is who sues the widow of a Seal! Something did happen between these two that was proven. I think its sad that he had actual lawyers go thru with this lawsuit. Honestly hope he never sees the money or lives to get it.

Caleb:   I have encountered many online warriors today on both sides of this argument today giving many gals statements about the whole situation. I could go on and on explaining that Ventura did infact file suit against Kyle almost a year before his death, that Ventura was infact a Navy SEAL not simply a UDT, etc, etc. is any of that important? No, what’s important is that what he did is Morally unacceptable. To file suit against a man for defamation is one thing, but continuing the suit against his widow and children after the man was murdered is disgusting and should not be tolerated. That’s what we should be mad about

2bn508Abn:   this hurts Mr Ventura’s name more than what was said in the book. He can decline the money part of the verdict

Aliduck55:   Jesse Ventura stated he can no longer go to Navy Seal reunions where he always felt safe. So sad for you Jesse. What about the Kyle family who no longer have a husband and father? How safe do they feel without their Seal? What a way to get your face back into the public eye.

dolemite:   DOUCHE BAG

Disgruntled American:   Having just read this news today, I’m in a profound state of shock that anyone could have taken the word of this piece of shit over the word of a dead man. By every account ever spoken of Kyle, he was one of the most stellar guys anyone could ever meet. Ventura, a former UDT-turned actor-turned politician, who sued Kyle and then his widow, couldn’t preserve his image of integrity for me if he tried. On the basis of who’s more likely to be the most honest man – I’d settle this case in favor of the Kyle estate every time. I’m still unsure of what evidence was presented in court and how the attorneys framed both sides of the argument, but it’s the entire case is total bullshit and should have been thrown out from its onset. It had to be known that there would be several variances in the witness accounts from that day, since it was 8 years ago and everyone present was probably drunk at the point when the fight happened. Undoubtedly, Ventura has done much more damage to his reputation by pursuing this lawsuit than the book or Kyle’s word ever could have done. This case has left me at a bit of a loss for words. RIP Chris Kyle – Condolences and prayers to Mrs. Kyle moving forward

Old Balls:   Ventura and others like him are dogs. Out for his last pay day when his career is in the shitter. Live the rest of your life in shame.

Zebra13:   He needs to have an accident. Fucktard….

CHiPs:   The Brotherhood that he has attacked, even if he is a member of that group, should take every opportunity available to disgrace this “puke”. Having attacked the family of a fallen Brother should anger those close to the fallen brother that they understand that this “traitors” penalty shall be swift and follow him into the next life where I’m sure Mr. Kyle will be waiting for him.

Anthony:   I find it odd that Mr Ventura has stated that he pursued legal action because he wanted to clear his name within the Seal community? Conspiracy theory this Mr Ventura? How does filing a defamation suite help you facilitate that? How does being awarded 1.8 million dollars help you regain your status in that same community? O yeah dip shit it doesn’t, I wonder if your fielding calls and getting pats on the back for winning your defamation suite against a widow and her children and lets not forget there father was murdered in cold blood as a fucking civilian! Go jump of a rope and go wear a feather boa asshole! You could have handled this different and you know it! I do not care if my name is published. Anthony Myers, Lake Tahoe NV

Brick Stone:   One word, classless…should have dropped any legal action long ago. To put the family through this action is unconscionable. Speaks volumes for the character of the former Gov. One word to Mrs. Kyle…APPEAL. This jerk doesn’t deserve a dime. Rest In Peace CPO Kyle, no worries…your legacy is safe.

annie sawyer:   The problem with this case is that people are being ruled by their passions. Probably no one responding was in that bar, at that time, and on that day (and if you were why didnt you give testimony in court?) we dont really know what happened. If you hate Ventura already, this will make you madder. If you hate Ventura already, then in your mind he is guilty. But do we really know the facts of the case? Or do we just want to say he is guilty because we hate him? But the fact is that a jury of 10 people heard testimony about what happened that day, and 8 voted for damages. From one point of view, it seems wrong to sue the widow. But lets say YOU were the one who was accused of saying bad things about a SEAL who just died and somebody went around on the media talking about it. If the event never happened then what would you realistically do..especially if a movie is being made and may feature scenes….

Akita:   A poll of the jury will tell us what went very wrong with the verdict. As a 31 year retired LEO Detective {and a Professional Private Investigator with more than 15 years experience and more than 50 “major wins” in civil litigation trials} I suspect that the competence of the defense counsel and any defense investigation will be evident. Having stated this, my personal information about the “facts” of the case are limited to what I have read on SOFREP and what I have read in the published media. Believe me when I state that trial preparation in any serious case is paramount to success. God bless the Kyle Family and this forum.

PW:   He is absolute scum. To continue the suit after Chris Kyles death and bring it against the estate which affects Taya and the kids is unconscionable. If he had any honor he would have dropped the suit. He contended the story aired in Kyles book, no names actually used, made him a pariah amongst the brotherhood he so loved. Exactly what standing is he hoping to have reached by going after the widow of a fallen SEAL?

Garetjax:   I listened to his interview after the verdict. It was all about him and nobody else. He also said he is now winning in the court of public opinion. Well here is my opinion: self obsessed, coward, delusional, moron. The list could go on for some time. Whatever Jesse Ventura’s belief in the events at that bar, human decency should have prevailed. He should have dropped the case when the hero Chris Kyle died. He could have donated something to help Taya. That would have shown a little class. Jesse’s actions are despicable and hard to fathom.

austin23:   Disgraceful. How anyone could do this to a widow and two fatherless children is awful. Just to save face after getting knocked down and embarrassed. How could you sleep at night. He is part of the new royalty of past and present officials who can get away with or make anything disappear by being on the inside of the beltway. What goes around comes around Mr. Ventura.

Templar:   11 witnesses against Ventura and he still won? Either the 1) witnesses were unconvincing, 2) the witnesses didn’t actually corroborate what Chris wrote or 3) the jury was absolutely clueless. Am interested to know which it is. Either way, Ventura’s ship had sailed long before the book or this incident and anyone who thinks differently is living in a dream world of Predator reruns.

Medic 58:   Really sad situation in my opinion. I hope Chris Kyles family does not suffer because of this. I am not a Jesse Ventura fan that is for sure.

Al:   This is disgusting, like others have said, if Kyle was still alive and he was suing kyle, sure whatever. What really gets to me is going after his widow. I’m not a member if the SEAL community but having spent a few years in the military if I had an issue with someone, I’d address it man to man. The fact that he even sued him in the first place says he just cares about filling his pocketbook and is just as corrupt as the “corrupt and evil” politicians he’s been so paranoid about. I definitely think kyle’s lawyer should appeal the decision but in the end…he’s ruining heck he’s already ruined his reputation, let him rot in Mexico with his foil hats and black helicopters, maybe he can just run for president for Mexico, maybe they’ll like him there.

Panzer man:   As a soldier, I have always lived by the old adage, “all the sisters are virtuous; all the brothers are brave.” The SEAL brotherhood I suspect are no different. If he had a beef, he should have taken it up with Chris, while he was alive and within his brotherhood. You NEVER take the literal or figurative bread from a brother’s family. This is especially true if he cannot defend himself. He has the SEAL mark of Cain upon him. As for this tanker, I stand by Taya and the SEAL brotherhood. Charlie Mike until Bravo Zulu.

Johnnyzulu:   I believe it’s wrong. He won the case he gets to protect his name. Now let the her keep the money. If Chris was alive that would be different. You don’t go after a woman with kids.

USAFWAF67:   Minnesota is a very liberal state, I know as I was born and raised there! Ventura definately had a home court advantage especially since he served as their governor. He knew that he would have the best chance at winning this case there. Notice he didn’t file in Texas or other states as he would have had a difficult time making a valid case against Chris Kyle and his estate. He is now whinning that he has lost the respect of young SEALS. He actually did the most damage to himself as he has raised the ire of many in all services who received Chris Kyles life saving protection! He will not be accepted in his own SEAL community and he should be very leary of going to bars where I’m sure he will meet with lots more fists! I hope this case is appealed in another state!

Cmdr19:   I could rant for hours as to the injustice that had occurred, but mostly to no avail. In a community where honor is what is at the true core, Jesse Ventura has none. When he looks in the mirror, he shall see nothing, as nothing is all he has.

Mama young:   I hope he donates every single cent of that money to the same charities that he stole from by suing. But I doubt that he will.

Bionicokie:   Ventura has slowly devolved from someone you could admire to a complete and utter shitbird of a human being. Who in their right mind thought it would be a good idea to sue Kyle’s estate (ie: widow)? I hope it was worth it JV because you’re reputation and integrity just went down the swirly bowl.

trent8295:   I think that Ventura, or in Drago terms, Vultura, is a sick and cowardly SOB! If Mr. Kyle didn’t knock him out then you can bet your ass that there’s a line of about 1000 pissed off patriots who’d love to knock that jackass out!

Spinoza:   There will be plenty to say about this case. But the bottom line is that a trial was held, both sides were fairly represented, and the case was decided by a jury of Americans. Juries don’t always get it right, but they usually do. That doesn’t mean that Jesse Ventura is not an a-hole for other things he’s said, and that doesn’t mean that Kyle didn’t serve his nation heroically – he did. It just means the jury found that Kyle made up this story and that it damaged Ventura’s reputation. Nevertheless, there will be (and has been) plenty of anger directed at Jesse Ventura for bringing this case to court and then continuing with the lawsuit against the estate after Kyle was murdered. Mr. Webb provided a very good summary of this view in his July 11, 2014 post: “Lots of lessons can be learned from Jesse’s lawsuit. The main takeaway is that family should be off limits; if you have an issue with a teammate then take it behind the proverbial mil van (Navy talk for behind the woodshed), and don’t drag uninterested parties involved.” I just want to address the notion that Navy SEAL’s, or any Americans for that matter, should settle a dispute between themselves with violence. One of the things that makes America great is our commitment to the rule of law. When two people or two businesses or two competing egos have a dispute in America, we go to court and resolve the dispute with reason and argument. That is why they call it a “civil” process, and that is one of the many things that makes America “civilized.” I’m certain I do not need to tell anyone on this site about the state of “civilization” elsewhere in the world. In Afghanistan or Somalia or the mountains of Pakistan or the streets of Gaza, when two big egos have a dispute they do not settle it in civil court with a jury trial. Its settled with bribes or guns, or as Pablo Escobar used to say plata o pluma – silver or lead. A few years ago, the local cartel operating out of Tijuana, Mexico was upset with what they believed were defamatory articles being published in a local newspaper. Does anyone think this dispute was resolved in court after a jury trial? Of course not. It was resolved when the cartels killed the editor of the newspaper in his car while he was dropping his kids off at school. Now, obviously, there is a difference between slugging it out behind the woodshed and executing a man in front of his kids. But that doesn’t mean either act of violence is an acceptable solution to a dispute among reasonable people. There is a certainly a time for violence. Most of our enemies around the globe are violent thugs. They have chosen to operate outside the bounds of civil society and we must counter their violence with our own, superior violence. But among Americans, be they Navy SEALs or otherwise, we should resolve our differences without resorting to violence. That is what makes us civilized, and that is what distinguishes us from the barbarians and thugs you valiantly defend our nation against. Whatever your thoughts are on Ventura (and I am offering no defense of his words and actions generally), he should not be criticized for pursuing a non-frivolous claim openly, fairly, and in accordance with our civil process.

fixbayonets:   Jesse lost sight of the meaning, Team! The individual is not greater than the team! Once it became about him he lost and the community lost. Should have gotten up in the bar — tracked Chris down and resolved ‘it’ between ’em.

Jamesistaken:   Without having witnessed the alleged confrontation, I can’t definitely say. However, when every SEAL who I see is supporting the Kyles (such as Mr. Luttrell, Mr. Webb, and Mr. Craig Sawyer to name a few), I’m inclined to believe that Chris Kyle was telling a true story. In an earlier podcast, Mr. Webb retold a story Kyle told him about thwarting two armed robbers. This article ( claims it did not happen, which does not help Mr. Kyle’s case. I would be interested to hear Mr. Webb’s response to the claim that no Texas LE office has a report of the shooting. Additionally, that article sort of shoots itself in the foot when the author fails to understand the difference between Chris Kyle’s probable and confirmed kills. Regardless of what actually happened, I do know definitely Jesse Ventura is a classless jackass for suing a widow and single mother. His rationale being he had to ‘restore his reputation’ – when all this did was ruin it and bring the alleged confrontation more publicity. Either he actually said what Mr. Kyle attributes to him, in which case he’s a jackass, or Mr. Kyle lied (not to say that deserves a pass) and Ventura was so petty and insecure he had to sue a dead man’s wife over a sea story. TL;DR – Fuck Jesse Ventura

Civsupport:   It’s incredibly disturbing that the law suit proceeded after the passing of Chris Kyle despite the outrage within the community. Jesse Ventura claims that he could not get paid work in the media/entertainment industry due to Chris’ comments accusing Jesse having said that the SEALs deserved to lose a few. It seems more likely that Mr. Ventura’s insane conspiracy theories and spiral into his own madness was the direct result of his media value crashing and burning. The irony is that his lawsuit against Chris’ widow and children will ultimately and fatally bring his career to a total and epic end. Hopefully he will loose Taya’s appeal but if not then he can stew in that $1.8 because it will be the last he will ever get.

WiseguyThreeOne:   There was a time and a place to settle this honorably between the two men, and that was passed a long time ago. Jesse may walk away with a fat pile of cash even after the appeals and the cut to his lawyers, but he has done whatever reputation he had left far more damage than if he had just let it go. The news of the verdict traveled far further than the story about the fight. He could hand it all back to Taya Kyle in fresh hundreds, and it will never redeem him. He will become even more of a sad parody of himself and die unmourned.

jamesistaken:   One more thing I forgot to mention, a former pro-wrestler who admitted to using steroids is going to talk about integrity and character?

Gunphighter:   No way. Those two words I uttered as I read the headlines on SOFREP – IMO the best source of unpolluted news that matters. This guy JV who was supposedly out to clear his name has only brought more negative light and distaste to his snake belly low existence on this free land of ours. (Thanks to all those who have and continue the fight to keep it free!) I wish someone who has the opportunity to, as Ritland poetically said on SR Radio “turn his face into a canoe!” and do in front of many witnesses. Long live the men with real character like Chris Kyle and fellow veterans who stand where few will and shutdown people like JV. I’m not a veteran but have become a better man and patriot since reading many military based books and memoirs. Of these my favorites are Chris Kyle, Adam Brown, Luttrell, and lastly and certainly not least Brandon Webb’s Red Circle. These guy’s stories are role models and examples of honor commitment and integrity, which thankfully has made me focus more on the Never Quit mindset every day!!

BigGilly:   I feel this is just a travesty of epic proportions. What does Jesse truly win by the decision (aside from the actual money)? I mean he has lost all his friends and support over a statement that no one cares if it’s true or not. To sue a widow of an American hero and steal money from his children’s mouth is despicable, especially since there was no physical harm? Leaves me shaking my head.

Ilovebeer:   I am so confused. I am on Matt Bisionette (Mark Owen)’s instagram page. According to MB, the fight never happened. It seems Jesse Ventura is speaking the truth as per MB.

SCREW-J.VENTURA:   He is not a man, it takes a certain kinda if scumbag to see the estate of a Fallen Hero, Ventura is a punk, if he really cared about the SEAL community he would give the money back, it’s one gig to go after a guy man to man but to go after his legacy is a really pussy move f*** him

Funkhauser:   The situation speaks for itself. Jesse Ventura is nothing more than the ideal representation of all the character traits to avoid in life: narcissism, pettiness, idiocy, etc. I think just about everyone would agree with me that he has lost credibility and respect because of this. Chris Kyle is someone Americans aspire to be like. Here’s a guy who put his pride aside to do whatever he could to help win the fight. If that meant leaving overwatch when the savages started staying inside, that’s what he would do. Recognizing how much of an impact he could make in Fallujah by teaching marines room clearances, regardless as to what top brass would think or that he was volunteering to put himself at risk, he left the rooftops to hit the streets. One thing is consistent about Chris: he always put himself at great risk to help out brothers-in-arms. That fearless mentality is rare. That’s really not the most impressive thing about Chris. After returning from his final deployment, he made it through the serious adjustment required in transitioning from war to home. It wasn’t easy, but he was able to keep his family together. He found a way to still make a difference in the lives of others through his charitable work. We lost someone who every person can aspire to be like. That right there is not only the definition of being a man, but also an American and a patriot. Making a difference through action and risk to one’s own life. Jesse Ventura certainly cannot say the same things. That Jesse shifted his lawsuit to Chris Kyle’s estate after Chris’s death and somehow won only highlights the difference between Chris and Jesse.

hockey123:   I have followed the story. I feel I’m not biased. But when I look at everything I can’t help but feel that Ventura was smeared. The evidence in my opinion shows the story to be fabricated. The witnesses could not agree on when and where this supposed incident took place, add in lots of alcohol and you have a recipe for disaster.. Emails by the publisher showing how much traction this story is getting which they loved cause high publicity means higher book sales. In Kyle’s interview on O’Reilly he stated cops were there so why no arrest or police report?? You can’t just punch a former government official and walk away like nothing happened. It don’t make sense. Even if the story took place why put it in the book unless your looking to smear somebody. Plus if Jesse was this big anti American and wanted troops to die and wasn’t a navy seal as some say then why the he’ll did the seals invite him to the graduation ceremony? To me it all adds up to a smear campaign and a very good one at that. Both venturas and Kyle legacys will be forever hurt by this story. Some will say Kyle is a liar and others will say venturas a pos.

JakeB:   I typically don’t get involved or pay attention to Ventura because some of the shit he says is just crazy but the lawsuit just pissed me off. I read Kyle’s book and can’t help but feel attached to the guy. He put his entire life and personal views and experiences of war out there to the public which took some serious balls. I can’t call him a friend but I feel the need to have his back because I respect him for who he was and what he accomplished in his life. I don’t care about the punch and what really happened. The only thing that mattered to me was suing a fallen service member’s family. A fellow SEAL’s family. It’s elementary school playground shit. Admit when you’re wrong, and move on. Hell even if you think you’re right you still be a man and bite your tongue out of respect for your brother. Regardless his actions have shown the true boy he is. He’s got Benjamin Buttonitis. Used to be SEAL qualified and a fairly respected individual for his own successes in his younger more wise years but as time has progressed he’s turned into a little bitch boy.

Rob9366:   I only wish Chris was here to defend himself against this big windbag. It would be another ass kicking.

EOD Rogers:   Oh man, where to begin… I read Chris Kyle’s book and in the book I read the part about him and Ventura’s altercation. I think the son of a bitch (Ventura) taking his aim at his fucking family is as low as it gets. I need to make it short but all-in-all, I have zero respect for this coward. This guy should be ostracized from the SEAL community. Any respected Navy SEAL should have him banned from anything SEAL related. Fuck that! I’m honestly hurt by this. I’m so speechless and pissed that I don’t know what else to say. Ventura will never be anywhere as near loyal as all other SEALs or any other Special Operations Forces. 1.8 Million dollars?! Man, I’m done. Chris Kyle was and is a true fucking hero, a true marksman and a true patriot. I have no idea what this clown Ventura is… What a way to treat a brother and family.

Brad Engelbrecht:   Jesse is one of our Warriors and I respected and sincerely appreciated his Service. He won the lawsuit against the estate of Chris Kyle and subsequently lost any pursuit of being a True Patriot or a Great American. I no longer respect Jesse Ventura but I still appreciate his Service. I hope this decision is overturned and Jesse will repent. If not: Go fuck yourself Jesse!

Frankie:   When I learned Jesse Ventura was suing Chris Kyle’s widow I was horrified. I asked myself: How could he do such an unthinkable thing to the widow of one of my heroes? How could he do that to one of his own (UDT/SEAL)? Where’s the man’s honor and integrity? So, then I proceeded to search Google and YouTube for any other thing I could find that proved Ventura was a scumbag. I found transcribed interviews and video interviews, even his famous quotes. But, I found nothing that I could use against Ventura. I actually found myself agreeing with almost everything he’s ever said. I also found video interviews that touched on the Ventura vs Kyle case in which he always said he was trying to clear his name and not out to get the widow’s money. Now, I have have a few points here that when looked at in a neutral, unbiased way makes it hard to condemn Ventura. 1- If the story was true we would’ve heard rumors within weeks if not days of the altercation. And, I don’t mean rumors within the UDT/SEAL community, I mean rumors everywhere, considering Ventura’s fame and the community’s not-so-recent not-so-hush-hush attitude. It’s safe to say someone would’ve opened their big mouth. And, even then, rumors are not facts! 2- We all love Chris Kyle. Period. End of story. BUT, we can’t deify him (or any other SEALs for that matter). He was just as human as any one of us and we humans (even the best of us) can lie for any number of reasons. Case in point: The two dead guys from the gas station. Chris told writer Michael Mooney the story was true. However, editor Lee Williams differs. There is no record of any kind to confirm this story. Oh, and there’s the story of Chris sniping bad guys from the top of the Superdome. This one was not “confirmed” by Chris as far as I know. 3- Contrary to what we are lead to believe, Ventura did not go after the widow, he went after Mr. Kyle. When tragedy struck he had two choices: drop the suit and go on as a traitor OR continue to try to clear his name. Some see it as: drop the suit, etc… OR go after the widow. Be transparent people. If we hate Ventura for lack of honor, why do we praise Kyle for publishing the whole thing? Some would argue that Kyle was quite dishonorable in doing this. What happens in the community should stay in the community. That’s the way it is in my neighborhood, I expect nothing less from UDT/SEALs. 4- We won’t know the details of what happened/was said in the courtroom yet. But, as of today, we know the book says, “tables flew” which would be believable if it happened indoors or on the patio. But, on the video testimony, Chris says it happened on the sidewalk. And, a defense witness says it happened on the patio, too. This also contradicts Kyle’s testimony. 5- The BIGGIE. Are we really dumb enough to believe Jesse Ventura wouldn’t have pressed charges had he been assaulted be Kyle? Come on! There are other points to be made but I gotta go. Peace. -Frankie

tdg187x:   didn’t make enough money wrastling?

Hammersox:   They were dead locked and this verdict no justice in Obamanation. Jessie is a low life.

nicaquatic:   Everything I need to know to validate Chris’ claim of what Ventura said of the Dead at the wake is how Ventura treated the Kyle family after Chris died. Ventura has no regard for the dead. Ventura cares about Ventura. Even the following day being asked in an interview about what he would do with the money, he will pay his lawyers. He wouldn’t have to pay lawyers if he hadn’t gone on this this show for himself. Ventura finds himself in the same place of another litigious person that we have heard talked about recently. No one will work with him, contract with him or want to be seen with him. He has destined himself to a place where the only way he can generate income is by suing those he thinks have been mean to him. These are the obvious visuals. On the other side is I can’t help but think about what Brandon has spoken of and Chris talked about in his book with regards to the fact that there are some bad apples that slip through selection. Chris talked about a SEAL he called “runaway” too. It angers me deeply that Ventura has done this to the family. They should be off limits not just because of for the sake of your boat mate but also because it’s how honorable men should just act. It could have gone away on it’s own had he just simply said nothing. The general public would be none the wiser. Although with this being brought back into light the old comments of people who hate Chris for being a sniper do sting. They are glad that he’s dead and their vile hate for his job and accomplishment long for me to wish that the day is coming soon the public will no longer know what SEALs are doing so much. The general public just does not understand the various skill sets involved in war and I’m sure Chris would prefer that the public just no be interested in those sorts of things. Ventura says that he misses the community that he belongs too but he finds himself outcast because he only thinks on his terms and his lenses. There’s no sense of brotherhood from this man except that which benefits him to claim to it. And then for Taya and the kids, I just hope that this truly is over. It does pain me that she has had to deal with such a man as Ventura and the day will come when her kids will wonder what all this is about. Another reason Ventura should have been the wiser. I just hope that it’s over. And I pray that Ventura might one day see the error of his poor decisions. At his age though, this prayer will likely go unanswered. But I pray for it anyways.

minou:   I wasn’t there, obviously, but from Ventura’s own testimony, the main point that Chief Kyle made was proven. Ventura went around spouting on about how the government and nation that these men were fighting for was corrupt and would cause the death of more SEALs. There was a lot of alcohol flowing on both sides, and I suspect that Ventura was jealous that nobody was paying the attention to him that he felt he deserved. Debbie Lee’s testimony hinted at that. It was inappropriate behavior at the wake of a fallen brother no matter what. And there was most likely a great deal more to it. There usually is. Getting justice for something like this is simply impossible. All he’s gotten is blood money, and he got it from a widow and two small children. The 1.8 million will do him more harm than good if he wants to continue in politics. In the end, though, I have this to say: Chief Petty Officer Christopher Scott Kyle was awarded two Silver Stars, Five Bronze Stars, and many, many other military awards for his courage, honor, and valor. Was he perfect? No, but it is that heritage that deserves to be remembered, not a stupid bar fight that was over years ago. The Brotherhood deserved better from Ventura.

Just1MoreMinPin:   HE IS THE BIGGEST POS ON THE PLANET! He needs to go back to Mexico and disappear forever! Karma is a bitch and I hope like hell I’m here to see it happen! Couple of friends are close to both Taya and Chris families and they appreciate all the support! My dad served (US Air Force) but I didnt serve and even I get it. You do NOT ever do this! Just give the woman first shot at this POS and nothing else will need to be done. Can you imagine a large crowd of pissed off women? Ohhh…now that I would love to be a part of or sell tickets and watch! He would be shredded in the most painful way on earth!

Plazman:   He needs to donate that money to Chris Kyle’s children. Then he needs to get over himself and stop acting like some Hollywood douche bag.

Toohotty72:   I think Jesse is a little too wrapped up in himself to realize that he has now done more to ruin his name than anything a few paragraphs (that never mention him by name) in a book ever could. It would probably be hard to find more than a handful of people who would give two shits about who he is or what he is up too these days anyway. He would just be stroking his ego to think any differently. He made a poor decision and stuck with it. Shouldn’t be surprising to many. The Crazy Train started burning coal long ago….

Knuckles:   UNBELIEVABLE is all I can write. $1,800,00.00 TAKEN from the loving wife and children of a fallen, true American hero and awarded to a vulture.

Server invader:   AmeriKa… of the Law Suit ! Reap what we sow!! The experiment is done….zip zilch all over. Good night from Free USA

Kiyabear:   If all he truly cared about was his reputation, he would have either sued for $1 or assured Taya that he wouldn’t take the money. Instead, he put her and family through hell to get his name back in front of the public eye and fatten his wallet. And he’s so flipping crazy that he alienated damn near the last group of people that respected him – his UDT/SEAL brothers. Worse PR fail ever!! He’s a parasite and pond scum.

Bryan tenesaca:   With all due respect to Mr ventura, the world couldnt give two damns about his feelings and the damage Mr kyle supposedly inflicted on Mr ventura with his “claims” which ventura says arent real. Pretty much everyone i know thinks ventura made the wrong move and instead of clearing his name in any way possible just managed to smear it with more dirt. Mr ventura, we all think you are a scummbag for what you did and no one respects you or likes you after what you just did. You can take your conspiracies and all that shit and stick it somewhere in you where “defamation” cant touch them.

Vincent:   So, what are the facts again? Did Jesse Ventura actually say SEALs deserve it (hurt or killed) for their efforts in Iraq? Was he punched? It’s been a he said she said sort of deal and I still don’t know what the facts are. Thanks SOFREP Vincent

3bamam:   well either he is engenius or down right stupid I as a Minnesotan do not agree with the verdict and think that the law suit should have ended at the death regardless if things were embellished.

sonofliberty:   He took from his dead brothers wife and family. There is no honor in his actions, and will one day have to answer for that.

Lotd21:   Ventura’s beef was with Chris not Taya, takes a miserable S.O.B. to go after his widow and his children. Ventura needs to hand in his man badge because he’s not acting like one.

Mark L:   Even though Ventura’s initial lawsuit was filed before Chris Kyle passed, it was a still somewhat just lawsuit. Now, since he continued with the lawsuit after Chris Kyle had passed and ended up suing his widowed wife for a large sum of money is where he went completely wrong and was very disrespectful. That woman was already going through a lot of pain with her husband dying and you are going to continue to sue her, it wasn’t even her that wrote or did what Chris Kyle did. Ventura ended up just going way too far with the whole situation. He first should of talked to Chris man to man, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he did, and it should of ended there. I’m very disappointed with everything that Ventura did and he should be ashamed of himself. RIP Chris Kyle

carpola69:   This villan is a national disgrace and should be shunned like the lepper he is. I cannot wait til he gets to the pearly gates and has to answer to his actions. I hope he likes warm climates. Rot in hell gov.

BUD/S Bell ringer 185:   I worked with Janos the DIRTY’S platoon commander in Vietnam. This guy is a stellar M.D. and stand up guy. He told me in the 1990’s when we worked in the same operating room that Janos the little was BAD!

cgr:   When it comes down to it, Chris profited off every last word in that book so he’s most certainly monetarily accountable for every last one as well. We place great trust in juries to allow for a just case, and that verdict has been made. The moral argument now is should an individual go after a family member for the words of a deceased love one, or the “estate” of. It may be looked at by some as dirty pool, but this individuals life has been lavishly enhanced through the words which were so heatedly debated over. For someone to live a life of luxury over words which are not just defamatory, but possibly untrue is unreasonable and they should be held accountable.

Kathyohio:   Ventura has lost this battle because his ego got the best of him..he will be ridiculed for the rest of his life and that’s the worst punishment for a man with his mentality.

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