On November 22, 1963, the world stood still. The news flashed across televisions and radios. People everywhere grappled with the shocking revelation: President John F. Kennedy, a beacon of hope and youthful vigor, was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. 

The idea of a military conspiracy behind JFK’s assassination is not new. For decades, armchair detectives and serious researchers have dissected countless pieces of evidence. 

They’ve attempted to discern if forces within the U.S. military could have played a role in that fateful day’s events. But why would the military, a stalwart institution dedicated to upholding and protecting the nation, be implicated in such a heinous act?

This piece aims to shed light on the theories, the key players involved, and the motivations that might have influenced the assasination. It will examine the intricate web of claims surrounding a military conspiracy in the JFK assassination.