More Than Just MÖLK

About a week before Christmas, I introduced Team SOFREP (that’s all of you) to America’s most legit(and best-tasting) ready-to-drink protein shake, JOCKO MÖLK. I knock back a couple of those bad boys every, and I’m feeling strong. I also mentioned how SOFREP Founder and CEO Brandon Webb and JOCKO FUEL founder Jocko Willink were both Navy SEALs and teammates. So, there’s a definite tie-in there between our two enterprises that goes way back.

Years ago, Brandon even gave Jocko a shout-out on Twitter to help kickstart his podcast.

Today, both men are highly successful authors and entrepreneurs.

No Bull Bile

As a way to help curtail my crazy coffee habit yet still stay awake and alert enough to write after a 0430 wake-up followed by a workout, I turned to energy drinks. At first, it was those big-name drinks you’ve all heard of…the ones named after colorful farm animals and scary creatures. Hey, I didn’t know any better at the time. They all had that nasty taurine vitamin-like taste. You know, taurine, like the constellation Taurus, the bull. Having a little bit of a scientific background and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, I did some research on the compound.

It turns out it was named after the Latin word taurus, meaning bull or ox. This is because it was first isolated from ox bile (yuck!) in 1827 and then discovered in human bile in 1846. Yeah, right after that, I quit drinking energy drinks…besides, they were absolutely loaded with caffeine and sugar.

An Energizing Drink

And then, months later, I was listening to Jocko’s podcast, and Jocko and Echo were talking back and forth about JOCKO GO and how it was all about real energy with no crash. “Yeah, they all say that.” I thought to myself. Then they talked about how GO had no sugar and was sweetened with monk fruit (which happens to be my favorite sweetener), and had no preservatives. They actually went to the trouble and expense of pasteurizing the product to keep it fresh. I know Jocko is a straight shooter (no pun intended) and that he (and his team) probably worked really hard to come up with a product good enough for him to put in his body and recommend to others.

I was still sluggish in the late mornings and was anxious to try his energy drink. The only problem was, at the time, I could not buy it locally, so I had to drive 20 miles to the nearest Vitamin Shoppe in Daytona Beach to “get some.” Long story short, I did, and it was worth the drive. I liked the fact that each can had only 95mg of caffeine, about as much as a brewed cup of coffee.   After drinking my first can, I was sold. I was alert, and I swear I was thinking a bit more clearly. This was more than an energy drink; it was an energizing drink. Big difference.

At the risk of oversharing, I had a pretty significant TBI (traumatic brain injury) a few years back, and when I get tired, the brain fog really rolls in. Of course, you can’t really tell if a product like that is working after only one day, so I bought a six-pack and had one can a day for the next six days, each one at the same time of day. I’ll be damned if it didn’t work the same way every time.

I checked out the can and found out that GO contains theobromine, the same good stuff naturally found in chocolate. Theobromine, as it turns out, has a mildly stimulating effect similar to that of caffeine, but it is longer lasting. More importantly, it improves cognitive function (at least for me, it does, I can’t vouch for anyone else) by increasing blood flow to the brain. I did some serious research on this and found that study after study tauted that “daily theobromine intake was associated with cognitive performance in a large nationally representative population.” I put that statement in quotation marks because it is directly taken from the conclusions section of a study done by a peer-reviewed medical journal.

Now I drink GO every day as part of my EDC (everyday consumption). Again, this is what it does for me (and a whole lot of other people). Your mileage may vary, and no, the JOCKO FUEL people are not paying me to say any of this. This is not a promoted piece. Don’t get all pissed off in the comments if it doesn’t work the same way for you, but I have a very strong feeling there won’t be any complaints once you try it.

Let’s see….what else? Oh, there is none of that taurine crap I wrote about earlier. Thank goodness they didn’t go down that road. This stuff tastes good. My favorite flavor is Whoop Assault Watermelon.

Me holding a can of GO
Drinking this can of GO as I write this. Let me know if I’m more pithy than usual. Did I mention the entire can contains only 10 calories? Photo by the author.

Get Some

Oh yes, pithy indeed. “Get some” as a call to action, and “Get some!” as in the military meaning of “be involved in the fighting.” If you want to try some JOCKO GO energizing drink, it’s available at a lot of places now. Of course, there is the JOCKO FUEL website and Amazon. There are also a bunch of brick-and-mortar options like Vitamin Shoppe, Wawa,  Murphy, Circle K, Meijer, and probably a few others I can’t think of right now. If I missed a place, please feel free to add it in the comments. If you are a military member or veteran as validated by GovX, click on the “military discounts” link on the JOCKO FUEL website, and it will lead you to your way to 10% off their products. Heaven knows every penny counts these days.

JOCKO MÖLK: America’s Most Legit Ready To Drink Protein Shake

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This is the fun part, the giveaway. Jocko is giving away an absolutely awesome customized 2022 all-black Ford Bronco completely redone by Maxlider Brothers customs. The interior is one of a kind as well and is done to perfection in black and red leather by Katzkin Automotive.

No, that’s not a typo in the paragraph heading. It’s a BRONGO, or, how I pronounce it, Bronk-GO. Either way, it’s a kick-ass truck. Image from JOCKO FUEL website.

But, as they say, you have to enter to win. I tossed my name in the hat, and my fingers are crossed.  Now, all it takes is patience and a lot of luck.

I think we need to talk the boss into coming up with a custom SOFREP ride. What would you like to see?