More Than Just MÖLK

About a week before Christmas, I introduced Team SOFREP (that’s all of you) to America’s most legit(and best-tasting) ready-to-drink protein shake, JOCKO MÖLK. I knock back a couple of those bad boys every, and I’m feeling strong. I also mentioned how SOFREP Founder and CEO Brandon Webb and JOCKO FUEL founder Jocko Willink were both Navy SEALs and teammates. So, there’s a definite tie-in there between our two enterprises that goes way back.

Years ago, Brandon even gave Jocko a shout-out on Twitter to help kickstart his podcast.

Today, both men are highly successful authors and entrepreneurs.

No Bull Bile

As a way to help curtail my crazy coffee habit yet still stay awake and alert enough to write after a 0430 wake-up followed by a workout, I turned to energy drinks. At first, it was those big-name drinks you’ve all heard of…the ones named after colorful farm animals and scary creatures. Hey, I didn’t know any better at the time. They all had that nasty taurine vitamin-like taste. You know, taurine, like the constellation Taurus, the bull. Having a little bit of a scientific background and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, I did some research on the compound.

It turns out it was named after the Latin word taurus, meaning bull or ox. This is because it was first isolated from ox bile (yuck!) in 1827 and then discovered in human bile in 1846. Yeah, right after that, I quit drinking energy drinks…besides, they were absolutely loaded with caffeine and sugar.