Erik Prince’s plan for turning over the war in Afghanistan to private contractors, with Prince at its head, is still getting airplay. Fox News’ John Stossel has posted a piece where he is buying in on Prince’s plan on privatizing the war in an attempt to get things accomplished.

Like other pieces, there is always the issue of accountability, who are these contractors going to be answerable to? The Viceroy Prince? The government of Afghanistan, the United States or their own country of origin?

President Trump’s solution? He’ll send several thousand more soldiers.

Erik Prince says he has a better idea — fight terrorists with only 2,000 American Special Operations personnel, plus “a contractor force” of 6,000.

Prince is the founder of Blackwater, the private military contractor.

The military uses contractors to provide security, deliver mail, rescue soldiers and more. Private contractors often do jobs well, for much less than the government would spend.

But private contractors have fought for America since America began. Jamestown, Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay colonies all hired private security. During the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress authorized “privateers” — privately owned boats — to fight British ships.

Before America officially entered World War II, some American pilots made money privately fighting the Japanese. Those “Flying Tigers” were called heroes. John Wayne made a movie about them.