Last month we teamed up with Angel’s Envy to bring you an exclusive event for SOFREP readers. The event was a smash hit. (Want to see what you missed? Check it out on our YouTube channel.)

In fact, interest in the event was so overwhelming that we’ve decided to have another evening of bourbon with our new Angel’s Envy friends. This time, we’ll be adding New York cocktail veteran Brooke Toscano to the mix. Brooke will be showing us how to make a proper Old Fashioned right from home. 

OK, so an Old Fashioned is easy, right? Well, tune in to learn about how to tweak the traditional recipe, methods of making it your own, and what tools you need to make it a cocktail that will wow friends and family for years to come. 

We’ve increased the number of seats available for this event and are expecting a robust turnout, so if you’re interested in learning about how to make the best Old Fashioned with Angel’s Envy, don’t wait to sign up. The best part? Virtual seats for this event are totally free.

Event Details

The event will kick off at 2100 hours EST (that’s 9:00 p.m. to you civilians) on November 20th via Zoom. Use the link below to reserve your spot. 

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The Zoom platform allows guests to ask questions via chat in real-time. We’ll be answering those questions with the help of our moderator and of Chris Corbin, Angel’s Envy bourbon expert. 

Note: If you plan to log into the event from your phone, we suggest that you download the app beforehand. 

What You Need for the Event

For those who just want to observe or take notes, you’re good! Just log in and enjoy. 

Want to sip some Angel’s Envy during the event? Click the link below to get a bottle. Use the code SOFREP at checkout to get the bottle engraved with our logo for free! 

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Angel's Envy

If you’re interested in following along with the cocktail, we highly recommend that you assemble the ingredients for the cocktail as well as a few basic tools.

Old Fashioned Recipe

  • 1.5 ounces of Angel’s Envy bourbon
  • 1-2 dashes of bitters
  • ¼ ounce of simple syrup (or one sugar cube diluted with water)
  • Orange peel or slice
  • Ice

There are hundreds of variants of bitters out there. Most people use Angostura Bitters, but really any brand of bitters will work. Part of the fun is trying different combinations to make something that tastes good to you! 

Tools Needed

The basic tools you will need are the following:

  • Jigger
  • Shaker with strainer
  • Small paring knife and cutting board 
  • Stirrer
  • Rocks Glass

A jigger is absolutely crucial to making the cocktail, especially for beginners. For mixing the Old Fashioned (always stir an Old Fashioned, never shake!) You can use a simple metal bar shaker and stir with a long spoon or even a butter knife. Be sure to have some kind of strainer (most bar shakers come with one). A small knife and cutting board is recommended for making the orange garnish. 

Some people like to use a Yarai mixing glass for cocktails; they aren’t necessary, but they do class up a home bar into something fierce! Paired with a bar spoon, a Yarai can be a formidable tool for an array of cocktails. 

We’ve worked with Brooke and Chris to give you some suggestions on quality bar tools. Their recommendation is to shop at Cocktail Kingdom. They have good quality tools at reasonable prices. 

Need something quick and easy? Use the links below to get the gear on Amazon.

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Angel's Envy

About Brooke Toscano

Brooke Toscano is the GM of cocktail bar Pouring Ribbons in NYC, a partner with Alchemy Consulting, and a Whiskey Guardian for Angel’s Envy. An Indiana native Brooke moved to New York four years ago to pursue her cocktail dreams. She focuses on lowering waste within cocktails and driving sustainable practices for bars.

Angel's Envy

About Chris Corbin

Originally from San Diego, Chris got his first bartending job in Dublin, Ireland in 2000. There, he learned the traditions of the job from some of the best. He’s bartended across three continents (Europe, Oceania, and North America), and he’s been in New York for 11 years.

This is Chris’s favorite aspect of the industry: “It’s about establishing relationships with owners, bartenders, bar backs, servers, hosts, and the patrons. I get to represent a brand I adore and meet so many people. And I work with the best team in the industry!”