OBO, Central African Republic — Pascal was on guard duty when he got word it was time to leave.

He and six other fighters were all bodyguards to the accused war criminal Joseph Kony or his inner circle. After almost a decade in the Central African bush, they were going to ambush the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army in his camp in the Kafia Kingi area of South Sudan and make a run for it.

The boys—four Ugandans and three others from South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo—wanted to return to their families after being abducted as children. Their plan was simple. Open fire on Kony’s hut and then flee into the jungle where they’d cached enough food to sustain them for their 500-mile trek to Obo, the closest U.S. military base in eastern Central African Republic.

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Image courtesy of Andrew Craft via the Daily Beast

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