For the longest time, dogs have been trusty companions we bring with us during times of war. They are brilliant and trainable, not to mention cute and fluffy. What more could we ask for?

For the crew of the HMS Grasshopper, their mascot dog was an English pointer named Judy. But, as it turned out, she would soon become the British POWs’ morale booster and only POW dog of WWII.

Judy Survived, Too

In 1942, the city of Singapore was placed under a Japanese siege. As a result, ships anchored in the harbor were given orders to retreat and regroup in the Dutch East Indies, part of the Allied waters, to avoid being captured. The ships that arrived at that time were the river gunboat HMS Grasshopper and HMS Dragonfly. The crew of these ships followed the orders but unfortunately strayed off course and were located and sank by the Japanese aircraft when they were just two miles away from the safe zone.

The crew abandoned the ships and found themselves on the shore of a small island in South China. When the adrenaline rush started to wear off, the survivor crew slowly realized their situation— they were on an island with very little food and no water source. Petty Officer George White swam back to the still smoking Grasshopper in hopes that he could get food, water, and medical supplies. As he started to search around the boat, he heard a whimper, and when he tracked the noise, he found Judy trapped under a large steel locker. White freed her; He was so excited when she arrived at the island, greeting her stranded friends with licks and tail wags, unaware of their current situation.