As the world’s great sporting institutions became mired in growing evidence of corruption, cheating, and scandal, one man set out on an unprecedented tour of the sporting world.

From Kathmandu to Boston—from Qatar to Rio, what he found was a catalogue of misery and greed that left him in mourning for the sports he once loved.

“It doesn’t matter who is the victim, it’s just—how can I make a lot of money? How can politicians expand their power?” said Benjamin Best. “It’s winning at all costs.”

Best, a documentary filmmaker, spent two years investigating soccer, basketball, boxing, and the two “mega events”—the Olympic Games and the World Cup.

Of course, he was expecting to discover problems, but the truth was so much worse than he had imagined.

“The biggest shock was that you have those mega sporting events and there is no price too high to pay for it,” he told The Daily Beast. “You have people dying.”

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Image courtesy of the Daily Beast