In case you missed it, here are some comments responding to the youngster who just enlisted and wanted to know how to prepare for Army life. I like these, especially for the themes that run through them about being in shape and keeping faith:

Be in the best physical shape you can be. Fitness is currency in the military, and whatever you want to do will be easier if you are a PT stud.

Use the benefits offered to you, especially tuition assistance and recreational programs. Education will only you help you, whether you stay in or get out. On rec programs, you’ll never regret taking a cool MWR trip instead of some weekend drinking with the boys. But make sure to drink with the boys too. You become a team during off hours.

You can forget about the above, because life will be so crazy for the first two years, you’ll be completely at the mercy of your school and then your unit. But take pictures. Whether your career ends in four years, or in 20, you will never regret having too many pictures, only too few. Take pictures. Seriously.

Learn a little about the history of the U.S. Army if you haven’t already. Books, YouTube, museums, whatever.

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