Getting His Bell Rung

I heard the bell, ok, though I wasn’t sure what round it was or what I was doing. I did remember I was supposed to keep my hands up and my head moving. The next couple of seconds reminded me that I was running in a formation with the rest of my infantry company during our morning Physical Training (PT) routine. Glancing at the men around me, they were already looking at me — but why? Rubbing the sting at the back of my head, I realized finally that I had just been gerber-slapped by Sgt. Turd again.

What in Christ’s name had I ever done to piss that guy off? I hadn’t a clue, me. Was it that he didn’t like my beard? That couldn’t be it — none of us were allowed to grow beards. So, the fact that he had me guessing at reasons that didn’t exist meant that he really had me puzzled. What the hell had I done to piss that guy off?

“What the hell did you do to piss that guy off, Hand?”

Geo Did His Grandma

“I screwed his grandmother.”