Safariland Group offers a broad range of products including: holsters, gun accessories, body worn cameras, forensic equipment, coms/hearing protection, body armor, and less lethal (OC, batons, etc). Whether you are an average gun owner, or part of a tactical law enforcement group, they have products that you can use. Rick Dembroski recently wrote an article about the 7004 7TS SLS Tactical Holster. After his article, I decided to look into Safariland for my duty holster.

I work with Customs and Border Protection (CBP). CBP Officers work at the major ports of entry (POE) into the United States, and abroad. If you go to any international airport, land border, or seaport you will encounter CBP Officers. Sometimes CBP Officers are confused with Border Patrol. Although similar, the two groups have different areas of operations. Border Patrol covers the areas between the POEs. While on-duty I carry a gun belt equipped with: OC (pepper spray), PRD (radiation detection), baton, handcuffs, magazine pouch (holds two magazines), and my service weapon (H&K P2000 .40).

Most Police Officers are required to use holsters that slow, or inhibit an attacker from getting their weapon. These types of holsters are called retention holsters. Depending on the agency, or department, there will be certain retention requirements that must be met in order for an Officer to use a specific holster. Also, there will be guidelines as to the aesthetics of the holster (material, color, etc.). I am required to use a level II (or better) retention holster, black, mid or high ride, for a 2” belt

Safariland has an awesome compatibility tool. You simply make selections based on your weapon (manufacturer, model, barrel length, caliber, etc.), needed specifications, and all compatible holsters will be displayed. I ended up with Model 6360-97-131 (STX) Mid-Ride, Level III Retention Duty Holster. Depending on your customizations (materials, light options, etc.) the MSRP ranges from $147-$217.

Level III Retention

Hood Guard

Self-Locking-System (SLS) rotating hood

Automatic-Locking-System (ALS)