Kel-Tec is one of the most innovative gun makers in the market, as they continually launch various variants for firearms that are comparatively less expensive than the competition. In addition, Kel-Tec is known for providing updated, practical improvements to its initial designs, and here, we will tackle the features of its very own Sub 2000.

Top Features:

The Sub 2000 is a semi-automatic rifle chambered for either the .40 Smith & Wesson or the nine-millimeter luger cartridge. It has a sixteen and one-quarter-inch barrel, made of chrome molybdenum steel that has been button rifled. The gun also has a polymer frame.

The Kel Tec Sub 2000 also has several Picatinny rails molded into its synthetic forend, so owners can easily add tactical accessories such as lasers, lights, and even scopes if they desire.

One unique feature about this firearm is that it can actually fold in half at the middle of the receiver using a special locking device, making it highly portable. The Sub-2000 can actually fit into a backpack or large purse.

When it comes to safety features, the Kel Tec Sub 2000 has a cross-bolt button right above the trigger guard, which needs to be depressed for the gun to fire. It also has a magazine disconnect, meaning that the Sub 2000 cannot fire without a magazine inserted.

The Kel Tec Sub 2000 has a capacity of ten rounds when using a nine-millimeter luger cartridge and eight rounds when using .40 Smith & Wesson cartridges. In addition, Kel-Tec boasts that its Sub 2000 has “superior ergonomics” due to its high-impact polymer construction and textured pistol grip. They also tout that the gun is “ultra-lightweight and compact.”

Cleaning Kit:

The cleaning kit that comes with the Kel-Tech Sub 2000 includes a bore brush, cleaning rod, gun oil, and patches. To clean the gun, you will first need to remove the magazine and make sure that there is no ammunition in the chamber. Next, you will need to pull the charging handle all the way back and lock it into place. Once the gun is locked open, you can then proceed to clean it according to the instructions that come with the cleaning kit.