Old, but all right with me

The Ruger P series has always held a special place with me. And the Ruger P95 is my favorite of the entire line. Kind of blocky, kind of chunky, and kind of cool. The Ruger P series is known for its square appearance, but don’t be deceived by looks. The portly design gives the firearms remarkable strength, and the series has a reputation for reliability and durability. And perhaps affordability should be included. The series, which was discontinued in 2013, is still plentiful on the used market and borderline cheap to buy.

Fiberglass and polyurethane

While most of the series is either all steel or alloy, the P95 stands alone. Manufactured from 1996 until the end of the series, the P95 has a stainless slide paired with a fiberglass-reinforced polyurethane frame. This unusual frame is both strong and lightweight. The P95 went through several iterations, and newer models are available with a rail, have textured grips, an ambidextrous decocking device, and ambidextrous magazine release. Chambered in 9mm with a 15+1 capacity, the P95 is nearly identical to the popular P89. The P95 shares magazines with the P89, but is about an inch shorter and is several ounces lighter. Out of the entire series, the size and weight give the P95 the edge as a choice for concealed carry.

While the P95 is no longer manufactured, you may consider it as a potential choice for your CCW. Those who prefer to carry with a round in the chamber will like the decocking device. At the range the P95 holds its own with acceptable accuracy and tremendous reliability regardless of ammunition choice. For potential defensive situations, you may consider replacing the sights with tritium.  And while it won’t win any beauty contests, the Ruger P95 remains a solid choice for home defense, self-defense, or as a Saturday fun-at-the-range gun.