Based on court records, Glendon Scott Crawford is ruthless enough to plot an elaborate mass killing of unsuspecting Muslims.

But, it seems, he’s also foolish enough to enlist the help of strangers — who turned out to be undercover law enforcement officers.

Which is probably why, according to the Albany Times-Union, Crawford’s friends described him as a cross between Darth Vader, an intergalactic mass murderer, and Forrest Gump, once described by The Washington Post as a low-IQ Southern character with a propensity for gate-crashing history.

Crawford was sentenced Monday to 30 years in federal prison for plotting to build an industrial X-ray machine that would spew lethal doses of radiation powerful enough to kill people from a distance. His plan, according to a federal complaint, was to place the machine inside a truck or a van, park the vehicle outside Muslim institutions and activate it remotely. The goal was for his targets to be dead long before they realize they’d been exposed to the rays.