The K&M Arms Bullpup Rifle shared a booth with well known AR-15 trigger manufacturer Elftman Tactical, that’s because each K&M Arms bullpup comes standard with an Elftman Tactical AR-15 trigger pack in it. The days of spongy and weak feeling bullpup triggers might be coming to an end with the new K&M Arms Model 17S. The booth is located at stall # 4363 on the main floor of the Sands Convention Center.

The Model 17S is built in Chandler, Arizona and will be available in the expected calibers of 5.56mm and 7.62×51 mm, but also in .300 AAC Blackout as well as the increasingly popular 6.5 Grendel. When we had a chance to handle and check the triggers and internal components of the K&M Arms Model 17S we were collectively surprised by how even and nice the trigger is. Part of that is the Elftman Tactical Trigger and the other half of the equation is the patented enhanced trigger linkage that K&M uses.

K&M in their design and planning phase also incorporated a California Compliant model into the production plans so that shooters who live in the unfree zone can also enjoy a well built domestically produced bullpup rifle that takes AR-15 magazines.