Days after the worst mass shooting in the United States, the Supreme Court is poised to act on two cases highlighting the raging debate over what types of guns and ammunition may be banned and who should have the right to possess firearms.

Justices will meet behind closed doors this week to determine whether or not to take up a constitutional challenge to a Connecticut ban of certain semi-automatic assault weapons and large capacity magazines.

The court is also poised to rule by the end of the month on the case of a Maine man who says that his prior misdemeanor under state law for domestic violence should not have caused him to lose his right to possess a firearm under federal law.

The cases come as gun control is front-and-center in the national conversation and presidential race. Hillary Clinton has called for expanding bans on some semi-automatic weapons following the Orlando and San Bernardino terrorist attacks. Donald Trump has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association and railed against any new limits on gun ownership.

It’s been eight years since a 5-4 Supreme Court held in District of Columbia v Heller that the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to bear arms. Except for a follow-up to that case in 2010, the court has not substantially revisited the Second Amendment. The court’s decision to stay out has emboldened gun control activists and infuriated some gun rights supporters.

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