I received my Lansky Sharpening stone right before Shot Show 2017 and barely had a chance to look at before running to Las Vegas. Now that I’m home I finally have a chance to look it over and I’m probably well past due to sharpen a few of my favorite knives. The Lansky Sharpening Paddle is shaped almost like a knife itself. The sharpening stone hides itself in the grips, very similar to a balisong or butterfly knife.

Overview of the Lansky Sharpening Stone

Once opened the handle snaps together and is quite comfortable. The Diamond sharpening paddle is double sided with one side being fine 600 grit and then a coarse 120 grit side. Lansky Sharpening stone also lets you know which side is which via a red partition.

The Lansky Sharpening Stone | First Look

What I really like is that handle system serves a dual purpose. Of course, the handle is for the hands and keeps them safe when sharpening your knives. Additionally, when the handle folds around the sharpening paddle it is well protected from the environment. The reason I see this as an advantage is for carrying it in austere environments. A normal sharpening stone isn’t really designed to be carried daily.

The Lansky Sharpening Stone | First Look

Typically you sharpen a knife, toss the stone in a drawer and get going. When deployed you may need a sharpened knife, tomahawk, or machete real quick and if your stone is back at the COP or FOB and your at a Patrol base you’re out of luck. The Lansky Sharpening stone folds up and can be tucked into any admin pouch on a plate carrier. The entire time the grit isn’t be damaged while you move and groove.

The Lansky Sharpening Stone | First Look

First Impressions

I like the idea, what’s next is to start sharpening knives in my collection. Whether they are beloved or just knock around, I plan to try and sharpen everything in my collection to see just how long it works. Stay tuned for a full review coming soon.