I always like to get Dad stuff that is useful and has a cool factor. I wouldn’t buy it for him if I didn’t like it, that is helpful if he doesn’t like it, good gear will always find a home. I always wait until the last-minute. Here we are once again, at the last-minute. This stuff is all in stock, will ship immediately and arrive just in time for Father’s day.

Let’s start with the Bravo Concealment BCA Holster. High quality, reasonable priced, comfortable and concealable.

Get Dad’s BCA Holster HERE $53.99

If your Dad has a new concealed carry permit or is a seasoned concealed carrier, Bravo Concealment takes all the risk out of buying a holster. With our 30 Money Back Guarantee he has enough time to test the holster see if it works for his needs. Great excuse to take Dad to a training course or just a trip to the range. The Bravo Concealment Unlimited Lifetime Warranty has you covered.


The Micro Trauma Kit NOW!  with Basic Trauma Kit $129.00 Order HERE

Last Minute Father’s Day Shopping With a Green Beret

Everybody, especially a Dad needs a first aid kit handy all the time. The Micro TKN was designed as an Every Day Carry trauma kit for law enforcement professionals, prepared citizens, or hunters.  The kit mounts on a belt or back pack. Deployment of critical first aid supplies can be done with one hand or a single finger from the left or right side using the pull tabs.

Available in several variations with or without medical supplies.  Unless he is a Doctor or Paramedic, I recommend the Basic Kit for Dad. The medical contents sleeve is held on by small patch of velcro. The case is elastic to squeeze a lot of medical kit into the sleeve.

Last Minute Father’s Day Shopping With a Green Beret


1) Hemo-static dressing for wound packing/clotting (1 included)
2) 4″ Emergency Trauma Dressing (1 included)
3) 9″ Medical Grade Easy Tape (6 included)
4) Tourni-Kwik Compression Tourniquet (1 included)
5) Heavy Duty Medical Gloves (1 pair of large sized gloves)

TUFF Every Day Carry Kit  Sale Priced at $129.00 Get it HERE

Last Minute Father’s Day Shopping With a Green Beret

This EDC kit has a multi-battery T2Flashlight, a Tactical Pen and a multi-purpose Money Clip. It puts a lot of capability in one small box to get Dad ready for the unexpected.

Last minute Father’s Day shopping with a Green Beret

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Here are some details on the components (available separately):

TUFF T2 Compact Flashlight

130 Lumens CR123 or 90 Lumens AA

Push Button Bottom for One Handed Operation
Push Button Slightly for Low Beam or Strobe Function

Heavy Duty Metal Clip
Shockproof and Water Resistant
Anodized inside and out for Corrosion Resistance

Approx Run Time on High :
130 minutes with CR123A BATTERY
40 minutes with AA Batteries

Approx 50,000 Lifetime Hours

TUFF Tactical Money Clip
• Holds Paper Currency
• Self Defense Striking
• 4005-SS Stainless
4777-2 TUFF BreakOut™ Tactical Pen

• Machined From AL6061 Aluminum
• Hidden Pressure Point Attachment

• Hidden Sharp Puncture Attachment

• Stylus

• Carbide Tip Glass Breaker

• Parker Refill
Available in Black and Gun Metal Finish

Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) Training Pistol $239 Get your SIRT HERE
Last Minute Father’s Day Shopping With a Green Beret
Use Discount Code “ArmsGuide” (not case sensitive) and get 10% off your Dad’s new SIRT

Dad needs practice and there is never enough time on the range. Safe, effective, and innovative, the Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) Training Pistol was developed by shooters for shooters, to complement live fire training.  It fires a laser beam to show when you touch the trigger and another laser to show where your sights were pointed. Give Dad the gift of training any time, any where. Fun with the kids and Grand Kids, popular with cats everywhere.

The 110 Model has functional features of the Glock 17/22

The 107 Model has functional features of the Smith & Wesson M&P

M4E1 18" .223 Wylde Quantum Handguard assembled Upper Receiver $434.99 

Get Dad’s Aero Precision Upper HERE

Last Minute Father’s Day Shopping With a Green Beret

Chances are your Dad bought an AR lower or built an 80% lower during past periods of uncertainty. Help him turn that lower into a complete AR with a quality affordable assembled Aero Precision upper. You can pay less but you may not be happy with the results. I like the Wylde chamber because it will shoot .223 or 5.56 safely and accurately. The 18 inch barrel is handy and light while maintaining a rifle length gas system and good muzzle velocity. The 1/8 twist accommodates a wide range of bullet weights.

This Upper Receiver Hand guard Combo includes the Quantum Hand guard with built in anti-rotation tabs, removable 4-slot Picatinny rail section for front sight and a 7 mounting surface for accessories.

  • M4E1 Assembled Upper Receiver
  • Quantum Hand guard of choice
  • 18″ .223 Wylde Rifle Length Stainless Steel Barrel
  • Low Profile Gas Block and Rifle Length Gas Tube
  • Product comes assembled
  • The complete upper does not include BCG or Charging Handle. These products may be selected as add-ons under the Finish Your Build tab
 M4E1 Upper Features:
  • Forged from 7075 T6 aluminum
  • Precision machined to M4E1 specs
  • M4 feed ramps
  • Matte black hard coat anodized Mil 8625 Type 3 Class 2
  • Laser engraved T-marks (Anodized only)
  • Comes assembled, with port door and forward assist installed
  • Accepts standard AR15/M16 components
  • Hand guard mounting platform is forged into the receiver
  • Works with Aero Precision hand guards but also fits most BAR-system hand guards
  • Barrel nut and wrench are included
Quantum Hand guard Features:
  • 1pc free float design
  • Removable 4-slot Picatinny rail section for front sight
  • Built in anti-rotation tabs
  • 7 mounting surfaces for KeyMod accessories
  • 1.78″ inside diameter fits most muzzle devices and 1.5″ suppressors
  • Compatible with low profile gas blocks
18" .223 Stainless Steel Rifle Length Barrel Features:
  • .223 Wylde 18″ Rifle Length Barrel, 1/8 Twist
  • 416R Stainless Steel
  • Bead Blasted Finish
  • .750 gas block journal
  • Rifle length gas system
  • M4 Feed Ramp Extension
  • HP and MPI tested
  • Standard A2 flash hider

SIG SAUER P320 Advanced Sport Pellet Air Pistol $99.99

Last Minute Father’s Day Shopping With a Green Beret

Get your SIG 320 Air Pistol HERE

SIG SAUER’s Advanced Sport Pellet P320 CO2-powered pistol is a semi-automatic .177 caliber pistol with a 30-round belt magazine. The same size and weight of the SIG SAUER P320 centerfire pistol, it is a great training tool. Dad can hone his shooting skills in the back yard or basement at greatly reduced costs. Ideal activity with the grand kids.

The P320 ASP air pistol has a metal slide and a polymer frame.  A slide safety makes it nearly fool proof. With 12gr CO2 cartridges, you get multiple shots and a velocity is up to 450 fps. This gun is perfectly suited for rodent reduction or reactive targets.

Hexmag AR MAGAZINES in .223 or .308

Last Minute Father’s Day Shopping With a Green Beret

Buy your .223 Hexmags HERE $14.99

Buy your .308 Hexmags HERE $18.99

Every shooting Dad in America could use more quality magazines. Hexmag’s AR magazines are well made and affordable.   Made of proprietary PolyHex2™ Advanced Composite, they are hard to break. Hexmag offers the indestructible Series 2 AR-15 magazine and the heavy-duty AR-10/.308 SR-25 magazine, both with HEXTURE™ design pattern for maximum grip, durability and performance.

Real Avid Bore Boss bore cleaner in all popular calibers $9.99 Get Dad one for each caliber he shoots  HERE

Last Minute Father’s Day Shopping With a Green Beret

Dad hates to clean guns, but he has to do it now and again.  Help him out stay clean and organized with the smarter bore cleaner: Bore Boss. This self-storing, easy-feeding, clean-pulling, field-ready, hassle-free, pure-genius bore cleaner makes everything better. The single piece cable with integrated phosphor bronze brush and braided mop wraps around the unique Flex-Case Handle to keep the system stowed and organized.

BLACKHAWK!® 1700 Shirt $59.99 Get your Dad’s new shirt HERE

Last Minute Father’s Day Shopping With a Green Beret

Let’s face it, Dad’s wardrobe could use a little summer make over. Purpose built for concealed carry, the BLACKHAWK!® 1700 Shirt combines style and comfort with concealment features.  Coated with Teflon® Shield+ it will keep Dad cool and looking good.

Nothing makes Dad smile like shooting steel. The CTS T-Post Pro Kit has a CTS T-Post Pro Hanger and a super tough 3/8″ AR500 round target. Choose either an 8″, 10″ or 12″ diameter round target. This is small, easy to transport and store. Fun to shoot and so easy Dad will have it on the range the same day you give it to him.

You know Dad is going to be happy no matter what you give him, but now you are all grown up, get Dad some of the good stuff. He deserves it

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