Wodan Security organized the first International Bodyguard Conference from the 1st to the 3rd of July, 2016, in Stod, Czech Republic.

The Anti-Terror Academy is a former military barracks and provides ideal training possibilities for all relevant skills, including shooting, abseiling, climbing, medical, tactics, and classroom briefings. Wodan Security’s aim was, using internationally experienced trainers, to create a high standard of training under realistic conditions for the participants, something that is often not possible in Germany. The emphasis was placed on the current threat situation in Europe.

Even before the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo, Wodan Security had conducted an AMOK training in Germany in order to raise awareness for new tactics and equipment for close protection operators and to integrate these into their operational planning.

Taking part in the training were professional close-protection operators, military personnel, police officers, and armed security professionals from Romania, Italy, Austria, England, South Africa, and Germany.

There was also an opportunity to acquire kit and equipment at special prices and to gain information about the latest gear. Ralf K. invited the following companies, who displayed their products and provided advice to the participants:

  • Bonowi
  • DynStrike
  • Recon Company
  • TriTac

These companies also provided equipment for testing during the training, for which we are most grateful. Over the course’s two and a half days, the following topics were covered:

  • Preparation and planning of operational travel in close protection
  • Tactical shooting for close protection
  • Tactical training, CQB and actions during an AMOK situation
  • Defensive tactics for close protection
  • Attack situations with dogs
  • Equipment display of operational gear and clothing

After extended negotiations, Wodan Security was luckily able to win the well-known “Instructor Zero” as a trainer for the conference. Alongside him were top trainers from the Czech anti-terror unit URNA, as well as former members of German SEK, KSK, GSG9 and the Dutch KPNV (Royal Netherlands Police Dog Confederation).

Following the welcome and introductions, the course began with a theoretical group task, which is standard for Wodan courses. I found that this focuses the participants to the course after a long journey and prepares them for the coming hours of training by concentrating on security issues.